Massey Services Shatters “Mad In April” Records!

BliltzMassey Services conducted its annual company-wide “MAD (Making a Difference) in APRIL” sales event this month, generating over 12,000 new customers for more than $6.2 million in sales. The two-day event was held in all states where Massey Services is located and included all 1,900 team members. For 16 consecutive years, Massey Services has held the event in April and each year the company has significantly exceeded expectations.

“Our ‘MAD in APRIL’ event is an integral part of our organization,” said Tony Massey, President. “Each year all of our team members, regardless of their role in the company, travel to our Service Centers to participate in the event. They work in teams to meet with our customers and prospective customers.”

The annual event, which builds comradery and team work, also provides friendly competition between Regional Management, Service Centers and our corporate team. Additionally, corporate team members have an opportunity to learn more about customers and field operations.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team members,” said Ed Dougherty, Executive VP and COO. “This experience provides our corporate team with an excellent learning opportunity of how our Operations team functions and provides our field team members the chance to learn more about our corporate office. All of our team members did an outstanding job during the event.”

Dryer Weather Causes Brown Spots in Lawns

drought grassWhile some parts of the country are dealing with excess rainfall, other regions have been especially dry. The dryer weather can make the slightest irrigation deficiencies or root system deficiencies show up as wilted, browning areas of turf.

For the next month or two, dry soil is a likely cause of brown spots in turf; dry soil is not the only potential cause, but it is a highly likely cause.

Determining if dry soil is the cause of brown areas of turf can be simple, but is commonly overlooked. Landscape professionals will dig through the turf and to determine if the soil is dry in the root zone area. They will also look for other potential causes, such as chinch bugs or grubs. Then, they will check the irrigation system to determine if there is a deficiency.

The only soil moisture that benefits a plant is the soil moisture in the root zone area. Moisture below the root zone does not benefit the plant. If the root system is short, watering will need to be done more frequently. Many factors can inhibit good root growth. It could be a problem for the entire lawn or just localized areas. If the soil moisture in the root zone area is depleted, wilting and brown spots will be the result. With dryer weather, localized dry spots can occur even with the best of irrigation systems, and spot watering may be needed.

Understanding the moisture needs of your lawn:

  • Plant use of water is called transpiration. The vaporization of water from the soil is called evaporation. The combination of the two (evaporation and transpiration) is what causes moisture in the soil in the root area to be used. The combination of transpiration and evaporation is called evapotranspiration and is often referred to as “ET”. At this time of year (warm dry spring and in an open sunny area), it is common for ET to deplete about 0.15 to 0.2 inches of water from the soil per day.
  • Sandy soil will typically hold ½ inch of water in 6 inches of soil. If the plant’s root system is 6 inches long, the plant has access to ½ inch of water. If the plant’s root system is 3 inches long, it only has access to about ¼ inch of water.
  • Turf begins to wilt when ½ of the plant available water is depleted.

So, if “ET” is 0.15 inches per day and the plant has a root system 6 inches deep, ½ of the plant available water (0.25 inches) will be depleted in just under 2 days (0.25 divided by 0.15 = 1.67). With the same amount of soil moisture and the same “ET” rate, a plant with a root system depth of only 3 inches would deplete the plant available water in less than one day.

Having a good understanding of this rather complex issue is important to keeping your lawn healthy and green. For additional information or for a free landscape inspection, contact Massey Services today!

Stu Lewis Promoted To Sales Director

Stu LewisTony Massey, president of Massey Services, is proud to announce that Stu Lewis has been promoted to the position of Sales Director.

Lewis joined Massey Services as a consultant assisting PrevenTech Account Managers and General Managers with sales presentation techniques. He also helped implement a highly effective and successful sales training module at Massey University, a company training program for team members. Lewis began his career with Massey Services in 2015 as a Sales Inspector and was later promoted to a Sales Manager at Massey service centers in Leesburg and the Villages.

“Stu is a highly experienced and knowledgeable sales management professional,” said Tony Massey. “He has delivered outstanding guidance to our sales team and provided them the necessary tools to be successful and contribute to our overall growth plans.”

In his role as Sales Director, Lewis will be responsible for both Massey’s commercial and residential sales business.

Lewis is a past member of the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs and has volunteered with a variety of charities, including the Chattanooga Food Bank, Juvenile Diabetes Association and Chattanooga Alzheimer’s Association.

Lynne Frederick Promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing

Lynne Frederick 2016Harvey L. Massey, Chairman and CEO of Massey Services, is pleased to announce that Lynne Frederick has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Frederick oversees the company’s advertising, marketing, public relations and events.

Frederick joined Massey Services in 2003 as Director of Marketing for the GreenUP Landscape division and was promoted to Vice President of Marketing in 2004. In 2009, she was also named President of Massey Communications, the company’s advertising and public relations firm. Frederick has an extensive background in marketing and has worked in a variety of consumer services industries.

“Lynne is a key member of our executive staff,” Mr. Massey said. “She has been integral in our company’s growth and success, thus making this promotion most deserving and rewarding.”

Frederick earned her MBA degree from the University of New Haven and initiated her Ph.D. at the University of London. She also completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program “Strategic Marketing Management.”

In addition to her work at Massey Services, Frederick is an active volunteer in the Central Florida community. She has served on the board of directors of the Orlando Ballet and Kid’s House of Seminole and has volunteered her time to a variety of charitable organizations, including Junior Achievement, the American Heart Association and Autism Speaks.

Ed Dougherty Promoted To Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Ed DoughertyTony Massey, President of Massey Services, is proud to announce that Massey Services team member Ed Dougherty has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Dougherty joined Massey Services in 1992 as a Manager Trainee and has been continuously promoted to positions of increasing responsibility. In 2010, he was promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations.

“Over the past 24 years, Ed has been an integral part of our organization’s growth while serving in a variety of operational roles,” said Tony Massey. “He has provided outstanding leadership to our operational and executive teams, and I am confident that he will continue to contribute significantly to the success of our company.”

In Dougherty’s new role, he will be responsible for all operations for the residential and commercial business in all six states that the company currently services.

Dougherty, originally from Philadelphia, PA, began his career in the pest management industry after he received his B.B.A. in Marketing from Eastern Michigan University. He completed the Harvard Business School OPM Key Executives Program in 2004 and is a graduate of Leadership Orlando.

Active in the local Orlando community, Dougherty is a member of the Board of Directors for Florida Citrus Sports and previously served as a member of the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk leadership team. He also volunteers with organizations such as Junior Achievement and Autism Speaks.

BJ Beard Promoted to Director of Fleet

Tony Massey, President of Massey Services, is proud to announce that BJ Beard has been promoted to Director of Fleet.

BJ Beard

Beard joined Massey Services in 1994 and has held a variety of positions with the company in Accounting and Fleet. In 2012, he was promoted to the position of Fleet Manager where he was responsible for implementing improvements to the ordering process, managing vehicle repairs and branding of the company’s fleet of over 1,700 vehicles. Under Beard’s leadership, his team has reduced the lead time of vehicle delivery, streamlined processes and improved vehicle selections with an environmental focus on fuel efficiency.

“Our fleet management team plays an integral role in maintaining our company’s image while at the same time remaining focused on controlling expenses by selecting the best vehicles for our service,” said Tony Massey. “BJ’s innovative vision has contributed to the efficient operation of our fleet department and I have every confidence that he will continue to do a great job leading the team.”

Beard also volunteers as an assistant coach to his daughter’s swim team.


Massey Services’ Adam Jones Named President of Florida Pest Management Association

Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Adam Jones, Vice President of Quality Assurance for Massey Services, was recently inducted as President of the Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA). Jones has served for four years on the FPMA’s Executive Committee and his main role as President is to continue to effectively improve the administration and support services for the state association.

“I am truly honored to be named President of the FPMA,” said Jones. “I want to thank the Massey family for their unwavering support and commitment in allowing me to serve the association. The FPMA exists to serve its members and our industry, and I look forward to an open collaboration between industry peers which will only help promote the growth of our industry.”

A 34-year veteran of the business, Jones began his career at ChemLawn as a specialist and spent four and half years in operations management before joining Massey Services as a general manager in 1991. In 1995, he was promoted to Technical Director for the GreenUP Division and then was given the role of Director of Quality Assurance for all of Massey Services’ businesses. In 1999, Jones was tapped to be the Vice President of Quality Assurance.

Jones has been featured in a variety of media outlets as a pest management, landscape services and irrigation expert while also serving as a speaker at many industry specific events. He has completed the OPM Key Executives Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Business Administration and currently serves on the board of directors of the Florida Irrigation Society and the Environmental Research and Education Foundation. He also is active in Junior Achievement and other local community projects.

Marci Baugh Promoted to Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Marci Baugh 2016

Marci Baugh

Tony Massey, President of Massey Services, is proud to announce that Marcellene (Marci) Baugh has been promoted to Vice President of Finance and Accounting.

A 10-year veteran of Massey Services, Baugh started as Controller at Massey Services in 2006, when revenue was approximately $60 million. Since then, the company has grown to more than $200 million in annual revenue.

Baugh is responsible for all facets of Accounting, Reporting and Payroll. During her tenure, she has been instrumental in standardizing the accounting processes and procedures to create greater efficiencies and productivity and most recently played a key role in the implementation of an enterprise resource planning solution for the company.

“Marci’s leadership and dedication have been essential in creating an efficient Finance and Accounting team that is able to respond quickly in our fast-paced environment,” said Tony Massey. “She has done a tremendous job in the growth and development of our team members and we congratulate her on this well-deserved promotion.”

Baugh is actively involved at Annunciation Catholic Church and is passionate about working to find a cure for juvenile diabetes.

Adam Scheinberg Promoted To Vice President of Information Technology

Adam Scheinberg 2016

Adam Scheinberg

Tony Massey, President of Massey Services, is proud to announce that Adam Scheinberg has been promoted to Vice President of Information Technology.

Scheinberg joined Massey Services in 2003 as a systems manager and was quickly promoted to Director of Information Technology and then Senior Director of IT in 2008. During his tenure, Adam has been instrumental in the expansion of technological enhancements including an integrated communication solution, a disaster recovery strategy, exchange server implementation, offsite data mining, redundant virtualized environment and an intranet portal. He is also responsible for the development of a companywide lead log used by hundreds of concurrent users which has transformed the ease and innovation of sales management.

“Adam’s demonstrated proficiency in the development and utilization of technology has had phenomenal effects on our organization’s ability to effectively capture, transmit, utilize and protect information for our customers and our team members,” said Tony Massey. “His contributions have been instrumental in positioning our company for continued growth and success in all of our markets.”

Scheinberg is an active member in the community and currently serves as the Vice President and Director of Technology for The Mockingbird Foundation, a non-profit that supports music and arts education for children, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Orlando Repertory Theater. He previously served on the Board of Director for the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando.

Massey Services’ Suzanne Graham Receives Florida Pest Management Association Award

Suzanne Graham

Suzanne Graham

Suzanne Graham, Director of Government Affairs for Massey Services, was recently honored with the Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA) Doug Vander Poest Extra Mile Award. This award was given to Graham in recognition of her exemplary leadership and dedication to co-chairing the FPMA’s Governmental Affairs and Political Action Committees in 2015.

“I am very humbled and honored to have received the Doug Vander Poest Extra Mile Award from the FPMA,” said Graham. “I have a deep passion for our industry and all the individuals that work so diligently to serve their communities, so it is with great pride that I accept this award from my peers.”

Graham is a Florida-licensed Pest Control Operator and Certified Building Contractor. She currently serves on the National Pest Management Association Public Policy Committee, National Association Home Builders, Political Action Committee of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) and is a member of the Florida Irrigation Society Governmental Affairs Committee. She was also appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the South West Regional Planning Council. In 2013, Graham was the president of the FHBA and was the president of the Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association in 2006.

The mission of the FPMA is to communicate the role of the industry as protectors of food, health, property and environment; to promote high standards of business ethics among industry members; to support research, education, and training within the industry; and to cooperate with federal, state and local government for the good of the community and industry.

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