Homeowner Tips to Fight Fleas

As the weather begins to heat up, pests that we usually encounter outside may soon be attempting to make their way indoors. Massey Services reminds homeowners that fleas are common outdoor pests that can make your home their own by traveling on our pets.
Here are a few tips to rid your home of fleas as a result of pets or a close encounter with a friend or neighbor’scat and dog dog or cat that has an infestation:

  • Remove and wash pet bedding in hot soapy water or replace
  • Thoroughly vacuum all rugs, carpeted areas, baseboard areas and closet floors.  Also vacuum under beds, furniture and between & under furniture cushions.  Special attention should be given to pet resting and sleeping areas.  Vacuuming removes flea eggs, feces (food for the larvae) and some adult fleas/ticks.
  • Vacuum and then mop all vinyl, wood and concrete floors.  Special attention should be given to cracks along the edge of walls.
  • Be sure to discard the vacuum bag or empty the canister into a plastic bag that can be tightly closed and place in a trash receptacle outside of the home.

It’s important to keep fleas out of your home, not only because their bites cause severe itching, but they can cause diseases in humans and animals. Fleas can transmit cat-scratch fever, typhus and plague. If you suspect you have a flea infestation in your home or want to protect yourself from potential attacks, call a professional service for proper control methods. The experts at Massey Services can conduct a thorough inspection at no charge and provide you with a detailed report of their findings. They will also recommend a customized program that’s right for your home.

Is Your Irrigation System Working Properly?

Is your lawn and landscape getting enough water? Or is it getting too much? With our weather, sometimes it’s hard to predict if your lawn and landscape is getting the water it needs for turf and plants to have the desired curb appeal. Not only that, you could be wasting water and your water utility bill could be soaring.  Here are a few things you should look for that may indicate your irrigation system may irrigation maintenancenot be working properly or providing the right coverage:

  • A dull, bluish-gray coloring to your grass
  • Irregular colors of green throughout the lawn area
  • Foot tracks that appear to be embedded in the grass
  • Leaf blades that are wilted or folded in half
  • Dry, crumbly soil around the roots of your grass
  • Brown areas within the lawn
  • A concentration of weeds or invasive grasses

A properly functioning irrigation system is critical for a healthy and flourishing landscape.  Massey’s Irrigation Maintenance Program takes the guesswork out of maintaining your irrigation system. We make all the necessary adjustments, changes, and enhancements to ensure your landscape receives the right amount of water at the right time.  To schedule your free Water Management Audit, contact us today!

Tips for Choosing the Best Pest Prevention Company

Not all pest prevention programs are created equal. While many programs claim that they can keep your home or business pest-free, the methods to achieve these results may not be environmentally-friendly. One of the most important first steps of any pest prevention program is the inspection, which will determine what pests are present and what needs to be done to eliminate them. 160143496Here are a few recommended tips to help choose the right pest prevention company:

  • Make certain the company does a detailed inspection, from crawl space or basement all the way to the attic.  This helps to identify the exact type of pest that is present and avoid broad applications to eliminate them.  It also allows the company to determine where the pests are gaining access so they eliminate the entry point the pest is using to get inside.
  • Check that the pest prevention team is made up of full-time employees who have received consistent internal training and are screened to ensure they can properly manage the job.
  • Find out if the company has in-house entomologists who continually work to refine treatments. An entomologist is a broadly trained and educated professional in the study of insects.
  • Ask if the company has a money-back guarantee that will cover you if any problems ever occur.
  • Research to see if the company has received numerous awards for their environmentally sensitive practices.

Massey Services, the 5th largest pest management company in the industry and the largest family-owned company in the business, adheres to these practices and standards to ensure its customers have the best service to protect their homes and businesses.

Rebecca Church Promoted to Director of Advertising & Corporate Communications

Tony Massey, President and COO of Massey Services, is pleased to announce that Rebecca (Becky) Church has been promoted to the position of Director of Advertising and Corporate Communications. Church’s promotion is effective March 1, 2014. Prior to this promotion, Church served as Marketing and Advertising Manager for the company since Rebecca Church2005.

Throughout her tenure, Church has been involved with all aspects of marketing. She served as the project manager in the Middleton Lawn & Pest Control acquisition in 2009 and has launched a variety of new marketing programs for the company, including the introduction of Massey’s innovative Bed Bug Heat Remediation program, Massey’s iPhone app and the company’s social media pages. Additionally, she has produced Massey Services’ Annual Awards Banquet and Annual Mid-Year Leadership conference for the last five years.

“Becky’s creative and analytical approach to advertising and communication has been essential to our marketing endeavors,” said Massey. “Her extensive marketing experience combined with her strong teamwork and enthusiasm for taking on new challenges and responsibilities has made her a critical part of the Massey team.”

In her new role, Church will be responsible for the development of television, radio and print advertising, media management, internal and external communications, sponsorships and events. Active in the community, Church is a member of the Orlando Ballet marketing committee. She is also a graduate of Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Gary Heath Promoted to Director of Business Analysis

Tony Massey, President and COO of Massey Services, is pleased to announce that Gary Heath has been promoted to Director of Business Analysis, effective February 1, 2014. In his new role, Heath will be responsible for implementing new workplace technologies, planning and analysis of future service center expansion and budgeting processes and improvements. Gary Heath

“Gary’s business analytical skills have enabled us to make important decisions in the development of new markets and plans for growth in our company,” said Massey. “His operational knowledge, his drive for improvements through innovation, as well as his attention to detail is exceptional, and I know he will do an excellent job in his new position.”

Heath joined Massey Services in 2007, and has held positions as an Assistant District Office Manager, a Project Manager, Corporate Services Manager and a Business Analysis Manager. In addition to his work at Massey Services, Heath is active in local government. In 2004, Heath was elected to the City Council of Edgewood, Fla., and in 2006 he was appointed Council President.

Gary also heads up the annual Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon for Massey Services by coordinating the event and leading the fundraising efforts. Heath holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and recently obtained his MBA from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Sean Clifford Promoted to Director of Learning and Development

Tony Massey, President and COO of Massey Services, is pleased to announce that Sean Clifford has been promoted to Director of Learning and Development, effective February 1, 2014. In his new role, Clifford will be responsible for the direction of the company’s Sean Clifford Webeducational programs as well as the implementation of new learning initiatives.

Clifford joined Massey Services in 1996, as a Lawn Specialist and has held a variety of positions throughout the years. He became a Service Manager in 2000 and received the Service Manager of the Year award in 2001. During his tenure as a Service Manager, he attained qualifications as a Certified Irrigation Contractor and WaterSense Partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which demonstrates knowledge of and commitment to water efficient techniques. Clifford has also served as General Manager for the GreenUP Orange and GreenUP Oviedo Service Centers as well as GreenUP Regional Sales Manager, before transferring to Massey’s Technical and Training Division where he served as a Field Training Manager and as Manager of Learning and Development.

“Sean has been an essential part of the training and development for our company,” said Massey. “He has played a key role in ensuring consistency across our programs through the implementation of our virtual learning system. His passion for technology and expertise in instructional design ensures our company will continue to deliver our high standard of training now and into the future.”

Clifford holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Education and Industry Training from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Systems from Florida State University (FSU).

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Tom Jarzynka Promoted to Senior Director of Pest Prevention and QA

Tony Massey, President and COO of Massey Services, is pleased to announce that Tom (T.J.) Jarzynka has been promoted to Senior Director of Pest Prevention Quality Assurance, effective February 1, 2014. Prior to his promotion, Jarzynka served as the PrevenTech Technical & Training Director for the commercial services division of the company.

Jarzynka is a noted expert in the pest management industry, especially in the field of controlling bed bugs and rodent exclusion. He has spoken at Tom Jarzynkaseveral industry and consumer conferences on both subjects, as well as authored several articles for industry publications such as Pest Control Technology (PCT). He serves as the Assistant Region Director for Region 16 of the Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA). Jarzynka attained his Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) designation in 2010. His areas of specialty include commercial pest management, food processing and health care.

“T.J. is an industry expert with a tremendous wealth of knowledge that he enjoys sharing with our team members,” said Massey. “He excels in research and development and is focused on continually improving our systems and protocols. We congratulate him on this well-deserved promotion.”

Jarzynka has been a pest prevention practitioner for 33 years. He is a certified Pest Control Operator in four states: Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. He began his career at Massey Services in 2000 as a PrevenTech Division Sales Manager and has received several promotions throughout his tenure with the company. In his new role as Senior Director of Pest Prevention Quality Assurance, Jarzynka will manage program development and implementation, initial and ongoing training for pest technicians and managers, as well as supervising major customer accounts.

Be Prepared for Bed Bugs on Spring Break

The official first day of spring arrived last week and with that means many of us are looking forward to Spring Break – a week-long break where you can head out of town and spend time with family and friends!

But if you’re planning to head out of town, be aware of bed bugs so you’re not bringing home uninvited guests. Below are a few tips on what to look for and what to do if you suspect you’re staying somewhere that may have a bed bug problem.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are tiny, oval, brown and wingless insects approximately 1/4″ to 3/8″ long (5-9 mm).bedbugmp

Is there really a huge outbreak?

Bed bugs have made a comeback in the United States over the last few years.  The largest outbreaks have been reported in large cities with high rates of tourism.

Where are bed bugs typically found?

Bed bugs are most frequently found in hotels.  They travel by hitching rides with unsuspecting guests by crawling into clothing and luggage.  All hotels are susceptible to bed bugs – from motels to five-star resorts.

What can I do to protect myself?

When checking into a hotel room or after visiting guests have left your home, you can perform a simple bed bug inspection of the room.

  1. Pull pillows and sheets down about 1/3 of the way from the top of the bed and look for reddish-brown or black spots on the sheets near the bed’s headboard.  You may not see the actual bugs themselves but they do leave a trail of spots.
  2. Look for spots on mattresses, pillows, headboards and walls behind headboards.
  3. Check the inside of dresser drawers for insects and black spots.

Contact Guest Services immediately if you’ve found any signs of bed bugs during your inspection.

If I suspect I was in a room with bed bugs, what should I do when I return home?

  1. Isolate the items in your travel bags from other items in your home – the garage is a great place.
  2. Put clothing and other heat tolerant items into your dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes – the heat will eliminate bed bugs.
  3. After thoroughly heating the items, wash as normal.
  4. Check all luggage before storing it away.  Vacuum out luggage and clean the exterior surface.

What if I have guests staying in my home?

When welcoming family and friends into your home who have been staying in hotels or on a cruise ship, be aware that bed bugs may have hitched a ride with them.  After your guests leave, carefully inspect guest rooms for any signs of bed bugs.  Wash all bed linens as soon as possible.  Contact Massey Services for a free bed bug inspection of your home!

The Financial Impact of Termites

There is no such thing as a termite-proof home. But did you know the majority of termite damage is discovered at the time a homeowner prepares to do a major renovation, such as replacing windows or updating the bathroom? This is due to the fact that most people don’t know what’s going on inside their walls until they actually break through them and discover the damage.

Termites cause more damage to homes in the United States than tornadoes, fires and earthquakes combined – over $5 wood-destroying-insectsbillion annually. They are silent and very difficult to detect. They can eat on the wood in your home for years before you ever know you have a problem. And each year, unfortunate homeowners fork out thousands of dollars to repair termite damage. If you plan to renovate your bathroom and discover termite damage, it will cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000 to make necessary repairs.

And unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not cover the repair costs of any damage caused by termites.

“We frequently receive calls from frantic homeowners who discover termite damage when they knock out a wall in their bathroom,” explains Adam Jones, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Massey Services. “Termites prefer areas with heavy moisture, so the walls around a shower create the perfect conditions for an infestation.”

The most obvious signs of a termite infestation include evidence of deterioration in the molding, windowsills, baseboards and walls of your home. If you suspect you may have termites in the walls of your home, call a professional. Massey Services will conduct a thorough termite inspection at no charge and provide you with a detailed report of their findings. They will also recommend a protection plan that’s right for your home.

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