What Are The Most Common Lawn Weeds?

Some of us may be looking at our landscapes and vowing that this year, “I will have a beautiful, healthy landscape.” Fortunately, this dream can become a reality – especially if you call Massey Services. With a little hard work and time, your lawn can be healthy and able to withstand future weeds, insects and disease.

what are the most common lawn weeds

But if right now your battle is trying to figure out what weed has invaded your landscape, here’s a list of the most common lawn weed types in Florida:


This hard-to-control weed often thrives in wet soil conditions

Blanket Crabgrass

An uncontrollable weed that spreads rapidly when unattended.

Asiatic Hawksbeard

An annual weed with dandelion-like leaves that is predominately found in landscape beds.


An annual or mostly perennial grass-like plan with aerial flower-bearing stems that can exist in many soil types and conditions, from very wet to dry.

Yellow Wood-sorrel

This weed has three heart-shaped leaves joined at the base and yellow flowers.

Spotted Spurge

This summer annual is typically found in weak areas of the lawn.

Florida Pusley

This annual is low growing and is covered with soft hairs.

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