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Peace of Mind with Massey’s Termite Protection

Our comprehensive termite control will help ensure your home is protected and includes:

  • Detailed, thorough inspection – inside, outside, over and under
  • Treatment options based on your home’s need
  • Annual re-inspections to ensure no new termite activity has occurred

Our Termite Protection Program includes choices in termite protection against termites and other wood-destroying insects, all backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry. Sign up for a FREE termite inspection today.

Customer Reviews

Webster, FL

Termite Protection

“[My Technician] is very personable and spent the time to find all the bait tubes which wasn’t easy as the lawn is pretty thick.”


Termite Protection

“[My Technician] checked my bait traps. They were checked like they never had been checked before. No waving the wand over the traps and bugging out as fast as they could. [He] opened every trap and made a visual inspection as he and all others should.” 

Lutz, FL

Termite Protection

“Happy Customer! Our technician went above and beyond, took the time to say hi to my barking dog to calm her down and was very pleasant. He answered all of my questions and was very informative. To top it off, he wheeled my trash can to the garage for me! His courteous and professional ‘above and beyond’ attitude made my day! We are so happy to have Massey Services behind our termite total protection!”

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