There are many things you can do to help reduce the risk of a termite infestation in your home:

  • Repair any water leaks and moisture issues. Water-damaged walls, leaks in roofs, attics, bathrooms and sink areas create favorable conditions for termites to flourish.
  • Clean gutters and repair downspouts. Keep gutters clear and free flowing to avoid clogs which may eventually lead to water damage. Make sure downspouts have extensions or splash blocks so water drains away from foundation.
  • Drain water away from exterior walls and foundation. Make sure all drain lines, such as air conditioner drainage lines, release water at least 12 inches away from the foundation.
  • Trim back shrubs and landscape plants from exterior walls. Shrubs and plants can trap moisture, which is critical for termite survival. Over-grown plants can provide a hidden avenue for termites and prevent thorough visual inspection.
  • Keep ground cover below the bottom of exterior siding. Ground cover, such as mulch and pine straw, that has built up over the bottom of wall coverings, provide a hidden avenue for termites. Ground cover should be at least six inches below the bottom of exterior wall coverings.
  • Monitor irrigation systems. Ensure sprinklers are adjusted properly to spray away from foundation and walls.

Make sure you have a comprehensive termite inspection by a professional termite company. At Massey Services, our inspections are free and each Termite Protection Program is customized for your home. Plus, our services are guaranteed or your money back. Schedule your free termite inspection by calling 1-888-2MASSEY (262-7739) or fill out the form below.

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