Comprehensive Commercial Pest Prevention

You know the old saying about making a good first impression. The exterior of your business is that first impression. Your business reputation rests on the quality of your property. You can trust the expert team at Massey Services to deliver worry-free, comprehensive pest prevention and landscape care that enhance your reputation and create a magnificent first impression. The first step is pest prevention vs. pest control. We prevent pests from getting inside your business so we don’t have to control them later.

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Business Expertise. Dedicated Customer Service. Fast, 24-Hour Resolution.

Our commercial experts analyze the unique challenges of your business and develop a customized program that caters to your property. That includes adapting to your company’s hours of operation, access points and layout to minimally interfere with your normal operations. Our commercial service includes fast, no-hassle responses to your emergency needs. If there is ever a problem between regular service visits, we’ll respond to you within two hours and be on the property within 24 hours to resolve the issue. In addition, we’ll work with you and your team to help ensure you meet FDA, USDA and other federal compliance guidelines, as well as health codes.