Pest Control the Way it Should Be

At Massey Services, we believe there’s a better alternative to pest control: Pest Prevention. Excelling where pest control treatments fall short, Pest Prevention from Massey is your best full-circle pest control choice— because keeping pests out is just as important as removing the ones inside.

The big difference? Pest control uses an indiscriminate spraying of pesticides whether needed or not. Our Pest Prevention program targets the exterior of your home where pests live and breed. Without the use of pesticides, we eliminate the conditions, avenues, and sources that bugs use to get inside your home. Our customized environmental management program keeps pests out of your home so you don’t have to control them later. If pests return at any time, we’ll come back at no charge to eliminate them. That’s some of the best pest protection you can get anywhere!

Our proven Pest Prevention program includes a careful, five-step process to keeps pests out of your home throughout the year:

  1. We perform a thorough, initial pest inspection inside and outside your home.
  2. We eliminate any existing pest problems.
  3. We identify any existing issues and build a customized program for your home.
  4. We inspect and seal off any new entry points on every visit.
  5. We make targeted Pest Prevention treatments to the outside of your home.

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Customer Reviews

Wesley Chapel, FL

Pest Prevention

“[My Technician] is absolutely outstanding! He is always very professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing top-notch service…[He] takes care of any pest issues right away and diligently follows-up like it is his own home.

Tampa, FL

Pest Prevention

“We have been dealing with a significant ant infestation since the beginning of the year. [Our Technician] has come out to the house repeatedly to help solve the problem. He goes out of his way to search for problem areas and takes care of the situation. He calls to check up, he comes by to follow up and has gone well out of his way to take care of us, all the time showing he truly cares.”

Mount Dora, FL

Pest Prevention

“Our new [Technician] has turned out to be very professional, courteous and above all competent. He has responded quickly to our needs and handled our problem(s) with great sensitivity and thoroughness. You have another top representative for your company!”

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