Achieve a Beautiful Landscape by Eliminating Common Lawn Care Issues

Your landscape creates a powerful first impression. If you’re looking for the “best lawn care services near me,” you’ve found it! Massey Services offers the best lawn care services encompassing environmentally friendly lawn maintenance, lawn fertilization, and overall landscape enhancement.

At Massey Services, our customized lawn care program is much more than just spraying fertilizer. Our landscape services target the three lawn care maintenance problems that negatively impact the health and appearance of your natural scenery:


Stop Weeds from Invading Your Lawn

It’s a never-ending battle. No matter how hard you try, weeds take over your treasured turf.

You don’t have to spend hours pulling weeds or trying one do-it-yourself spraying weed control product after another. Let the experts at Massey do the “turf work” for you. Massey’s weed control service features a team of lawn care experts who are specially trained to fight all types of unwanted invaders taking over your lawn, including:

  • Dollarweed
  • Blanket Crabgrass
  • Yellow Wood Sorrel
  • Spotted Spurge
  • Florida Pusley
  • Asiatic Hawksbeard
  • Bulb Oxalis
  • Dove Weed

For over 33 years, our landscape specialists have applied the most effective techniques in the industry so you can enjoy beautiful greenery— no matter the season.

Secrets to Weed Control

  1. Promote a healthy root system.
    Healthy plants with strong roots naturally fight weeds by absorbing the water and nutrients your plants need to flourish.
  1. Prevent winter weed growth.
    The cooler months are an ideal time for winter weed growth because your lawn goes into a dormant state. We prevent this winter weed growth by applying pre-emergent treatments in the fall before the cooler temperatures arrive.
  1. Ensure proper lawn watering.
    Improper watering can cause a variety of issues, including weed growth. Plants like dollarweed thrive in over-watered lawns.

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Lawn Pest Control is Critical in Protecting Your Lawn

Our lawn pest control program targets the insects that invade your landscape from the lawn to the shrubs and even the trees.

Our team has over 33 years of one satisfied neighbor referring us to another for identifying and eliminating the most common pests that cause devastating landscape damage, such as:

  • Sod Webworms
  • Scales
  • Grubs
  • Chilli thrips
  • Aphids
  • Mole Crickets
  • And many more

Your yard has unique needs. Our landscape services involve quickly identifying the exact insects plaguing your yard. The result? Expertly-targeted treatments quickly eliminating plant pests with minimal environmental impact.

Get and maintain a head-turning lawn with our powerful replacement guarantee: If your turf or ornamental shrubs are permanently damaged from insects while under the care of our Monthly Landscape Service program, we’ll replace them with suitable plants.

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Fight Lawn Diseases with Our GreenUP Program

Strong, healthy turf is more resistant to lawn diseases such as fungus, brown patch and root rot. Our GreenUP Landscape Program includes a variety of environmentally friendly techniques to strengthen your lawn:

  • Full inspection to spot lawn issues
  • Lawn aeration to support root health
  • Fertilizer to boost grass growth
  • Irrigation services to ensure proper watering

Fighting the Causes of Brown Patch Fungus

There are two main causes of brown patch fungus: excessive moisture and cold weather. We use the cooler months to prepare your landscape for the growing season and the intense summer climate. Proper cool weather care involves reducing watering frequency, keeping your grass mowed higher, and watching shaded patches that retain water for signs of brown patch fungus. Our in-house experts carefully craft a lawn care fertilizer nutrient blend specifically for each season and your local climate. It’s like having a personal nutritionist for your lawn!

Protect your landscape from harmful diseases through proper lawn care. Find out why Massey Services offers the best lawn care services near you. Schedule a free inspection from Massey Services today.

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Customer Reviews

Orlando, FL

Landscape Service

“Our technician has been extremely helpful with our property and provides the best customer service. He’s gone above and beyond to help restore the condition of our lawn to make sure it continues to look beautiful.” -C. Barrett

Leesburg, FL

Landscape Service

“A technician was servicing my neighbor’s yard when I approached him to ask about a big brown spot in our newly sodded yard. He took the time to explain what it was and how to fix it. He even went to his truck to grab something that would help the sod take root. At this point, we decided we needed Massey Services to take care of our lawn on a regular basis!” -K. Schweitzer

Apopka, FL

Landscape Service

“I’ve had lawn care with Massey for several years. We received an HOA notice and called Massey right away. The General Manager came out to inspect immediately and provided treatment aggressively and quickly. Massey exceeded my expectations!” -Terry P.

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