Professional Lawn and Landscape Services in Jacksonville with Massey Services

Why should you choose Massey Services of Jacksonville for your Lawn Fertilization, Landscape and Irrigation needs? 

We’ve been a part of this community for over 35 years and are proud to service customers throughout the Greater Jacksonville area.  With 3 Service Centers located in the Metro Jacksonville area, we’re experts in your neighborhood and know exactly what your lawn needs. Our team of specialists can quickly respond to your lawn, tree, shrub, landscape and irrigation needs.

In Jacksonville, our environmentally responsible lawn care program begins with a FREE, comprehensive landscape analysis.  Our arborists, agronomists, entomologists and horticulturists develop a protocol for lawn fertilization. Then, our lawn specialists deliver a customized treatment plan to keep your landscape strong, beautiful and healthy all year long.

Our comprehensive Lawn and Landscape Program includes:
  • pH testing to determine the precise chemistry of the soil in your lawn and landscape
  • Targeted control and prevention of weeds, insects and diseases
  • Lawn fertilization services using custom-blended fertilizer and micronutrients applied according to all county and state ordinances
  • Annual lawn aeration, which enhances the delivery of oxygen, water and nutrients to your lawn’s roots for naturally stronger resistance to all year long

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At Massey Services Jacksonville

You Can Expect More…And Get It!

Lawn Fertilizer

Massey’s Award-Winning Landscape Care

Our Jacksonville GreenUP Landscape service is a comprehensive program which includes everything you need for a beautiful and healthy lawn:

  • Specially blended lawn fertilization and nutrition
  • Targeted and pre-emergent weed control treatments
  • Environmentally responsible and lake friendly
  • Responsible control and prevention of insects and diseases

Sprinkler Repair

Prevent Lawn Damage with Massey’s Sprinkler Repair

Our regular sprinkler service visits identify hard-to-detect sprinkler problems that can cause inconsistent water coverage, leading to weeds, lawn-damaging insects and a variety of lawn diseases.

Additionally, we’ll test the operation of all zones, verify adequate sprinkler coverage, clean sprinkler nozzles, measure water pressure, and make necessary system adjustments during scheduled services.

Lawn and Landscape Services in Jacksonville

Looking for Lawn and Landscape Services in Jacksonville?

Your landscape creates a powerful first impression. If you’re looking for the “best lawn care services near me,” you’ve found us! Massey Services offers the best lawn care services focusing on environmentally friendly lawn maintenance, lawn fertilization and overall landscape enhancement.

What does Massey Services do to create healthy and beautiful lawns and landscapes?

At Massey Services, our customized Lawn Care Programs are much more than just lawn spraying. Our landscape services target the three lawn care maintenance problems that negatively impact the health and appearance of your lawn, trees and shrubs: weeds, pests and diseases. See below for more detail.

What are the benefits of a healthy landscape?
  • Reduces noise pollution by blocking out surrounding noises
  • Reduces air pollutants by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen
  • Minimizes heat buildup – grassy lawns are 14 degrees cooler than bare soil
  • Minimizes water pollution and run-off with our lake friendly lawn approach
Where do I find Massey Services in Jacksonville?

Massey Services has lawn and landscape service centers in Duvall, St. Johns and Clay counties.  Enter your zip code in the space below to find the contact information for the service center nearest to you.

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Massey Services Proudly Serving the Jacksonville area for years!

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Lawn and Landscape Services in Clay County

Service Areas Include:

Asbury Lake, Flemming Island, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park, Jacksonville, Pass Station, Penney Farms, Lake Side

Service Area by Zip Code:

32003, 32043, 32065, 32068, 32073, 32205, 32210, 32221, 32222, 32234, 32244

Lawn and Landscape services in Duvall County

Service Areas Include:

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Palm Valley, Ponte Verda Beach, Sawgrass

Service Area by Zip Code:

32211, 32224, 32225, 32233, 32246, 32250, 32266, 32277, 32082, 32207, 32216, 32217, 32223, 32256, 32257, 32258, 32259, 32081

Lawn and Landscape services in St. Johns County

Service Areas Include:

Cresent City, Flagler Estates, Hastings, Palatka, St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach,

Service Area by Zip Code:

32145, 32177, 32131, 32092, 32193, 32084, 32033, 32080, 32086, 32095, 32112, 32139, 32140, 32181, 32189

Customer Reviews

Jacksonville, FL

Lawn Services

“We moved to a new home and weeds were taking over our lawn and resisted the initial treatment. I expressed my concerns and the Massey team came out the same day and worked some magic. Within days, the weeds were disappearing. Massey Services makes promises and KEEPS THEM!”

J. Lorenz, Massey Services Lawn Customer

Jacksonville, FL

Sprinkler Repair

“My technician came to repair and replace a self-installed sprinkler system that I had not properly installed years ago. The technician was not only professional but also courteous. He had great attention to detail to ensure this job was properly done. I would recommend Massey to anyone!”

Massey Services Irrigation Customer


Lawn Services

“Our technician has been extremely helpful with our property and provides the best customer service. He’s gone above and beyond to help restore the condition of our lawn to make sure it continues to look beautiful.”

C. Barrett, Massey Services Lawn Customer