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Massey GreenUP Lawn Fertilization Services

A stronger, greener lawn leaves a positive first impression. Nothing does more for the health of your landscape than providing your greenery with the nutrition it needs to flourish.

Massey’s lawn fertilization services are near you and go beyond the indiscriminate spraying of lawn fertilizer. Our GreenUP landscaping service is an environmentally friendly comprehensive program that is customized specifically for your lawn, including everything your yard needs to achieve the rich, healthy look you desire.

Our GreenUP service includes:

  • Specially blended lawn fertilization and nutrition
  • Preventive pre-emergent weed control treatments
  • Targeted treatments to eliminate weedsdisease and insects
  • Annual core aeration for stronger, healthier roots
  • Annual soil pH testing to ensure the right treatments
  • Mowing and pruning recommendations for optimal lawn and plant health

Your Massey GreenUP team includes plant specialists and fertilization experts who provide proven advice on choosing the right plants and lawn treatment that will yield a head-turning landscape.

Helping Lawns Grow Healthy for Nearly 35 Years

For over three decades, our landscape specialists have applied the industry’s most effective lawn fertilization techniques, helping people like you enjoy a beautiful landscape no matter the time of year. From our extensive experience caring for the unique flora and fauna across climates, we know exactly how much fertilizer and water are needed for your lawn’s needs and help you adjust according to the season.

We customize our services based on the conditions in your neighborhood, ensuring you get the most cost-effective growth in your specific conditions. During lawn fertilization, we provide precise levels of nutrients based on the types of plants specific to your yard and location in your state. This not only cultivates the best growth, but also prevents damage from common landscape issues including weeds, pests, and disease.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Fertilization

As much as we are committed to protecting the health of your lawn, we are just as committed to protecting your nearby waterways. At Massey Services, our horticulture specialists are experts in identifying unique natural environments and appreciate the art and science of cultivating beautiful greenery no matter your locale.

Our keen understanding of the inorganic impact fertilizer has on an ecosystem is the driving force behind our green commitment. We’re committed to the preservation of your natural scenery and only use environmentally responsible fertilizers and weed remedies. Each treatment to your lawn is carefully measured and applied in precise amounts to keep your yard, and the surrounding environment, healthy and lively year-round.

The Massey Lawn Fertilization Guarantee

Get peace of mind from your lawn fertilization program. If one of our treatments fails to deliver results, just let us know and we’ll make it right. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and have the knowledge, experience, and dedication you deserve to keep your lawn beautiful!

If you’re searching for the “best lawn fertilization service near me,” your search ends with Massey’s GreenUP program. We provide your landscape the care and attention it needs for stronger, greener, healthier growth. Take the first step to keep your lawn beautiful. Contact the experts for environmentally responsible landscaping services. Simply fill out the form below to schedule your free lawn inspection today!

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Customer Reviews

New Smyrna Beach, FL

Landscape Service

“Many thanks to Massey for helping me save my podocarpus plants! I tried saving them myself with different products and had no luck. I called Massey and they knew exactly what to do. They even followed up in ten days like they said they would. I’m impressed with the knowledge, attention to detail and work ethic my technician had.” -Barbara C.

Winter Springs, FL

Landscape Service

“With Massey’s help, we won yard of the month for March 2020! Thanks for all your hard work!” -B. Steger

Naples, FL

Landscape Service

“I changed service companies to Massey after my lawn was destroyed and infested with chinch bugs. I notified Massey and they were out the next day treating the problem. Excellent customer service!” -J. Russell

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