Pests Are Very Active Now. We'll Keep Them Out of Your Home!

Expect More from Massey Services … and Get It!

At Massey Services, we are committed to providing GREAT SERVICES that protect your home against termites, prevent pests from getting into your home and keep your landscape healthy and strong all year long. We believe in Total Customer Satisfaction with a No-Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee, which is why you can Expect More … and Get It!

Pest Control Services


We PREVENT pests from getting inside your home.

This month, pests such as ants and roaches will seek food and shelter against the hot and rainy conditions that continue into September. That’s why you need Massey Services! Our pest control program focuses on the outside of your home by eliminating the conditions, avenues and sources pests use to get inside. This means we don’t have to come inside your home to provide service.

Don’t wait until you have a pest problem! Call Massey Services NOW to prevent pests from getting inside your home.

Massey Services Pest Control Keeps Pests Outside Where They Belong!

Our Pest Control Program includes:
  • A thorough, initial pest inspection of your home with special focus on the outside
  • Identification and elimination of any existing pest issues
  • Development of a customized pest control program specific to your home
  • Sealing off any new entry points
  • Applying targeted Pest Control treatments to the outside of your home

Special September Savings!

“We had a bad German roach problem a few months back and our technician came out once every week for 3 weeks to eradicate the roach problem. It was amazing.” -Daniel D.

Lawn Care and Landscape Services


Every Season Brings Conditions that Can Impact the Health of Your Lawn

September heat and unpredictable rains create ideal conditions for chinch bugs and sod webworms to develop and cause widespread damage to your lawn. On top of that, tough-to-control weeds also thrive this time of year.

Every season brings conditions that can impact the health of your lawn, trees and shrubs. That’s why we’re focused right now on combatting destructive warm weather lawn issues while providing the proper nutrition and fertilization, applied according to local and state ordinances, to prepare our customers’ landscapes for fall.

Our comprehensive Lawn Care and Landscape Program includes:
  • Targeted control and prevention of weeds, insects and diseases
  • Lawn fertilization services using custom-blended fertilizer, applied according to all county and state ordinances, and application of micronutrients
  • pH soil testing to determine the precise chemistry of the soil in your lawn and landscape
  • Annual lawn aeration, which enhances the delivery of oxygen, water and nutrients to the lawn’s roots for stronger resistance to drought and heat

Special September Savings

We have recommended Massey’s lawn service to our neighbors and they have all been thrilled with the company’s professionalism and the way their yard has transformed.”    -John J.

Irrigation Services


Are The Roots of Your Lawn Healthy?

If your lawn is showing brown spots, the answer may be “no”. This time of year – with hot days of brutal sun along with heavy afternoon rains – the roots of your turf can shorten and weaken because the soil cannot consistently maintain the water it needs. A properly functioning irrigation system can help your lawn survive the season.

Hard-to-detect issues, such as unseen leaks or insufficient water pressure, can lead to improper irrigation.  With regular inspections, Massey’s sprinkler repair and maintenance program keeps your sprinklers operating at their best.  Plus, we clear clogged sprinkler heads, realign nozzles and ensure controllers are on the right settings so your lawn, trees and shrubs get the right amount of water all year long.

Schedule Your Free Irrigation Inspection Now

“My irrigation technician has gone above and beyond to rescue my lawn by setting up the best sprinkler schedule possible, providing me with practical equipment and providing frequent service. I trust him to do the right thing for me and give 100%. He is a great example of the service you get with this company.” -Sylvie R.

Mosquito Services

It’s Peak Season for Mosquitoes

Fall may be just around the corner, but September rain and humidity create ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive. The rainier season creates more places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs around your yard, where water can collect such as in potted plants and clogged gutters. More mosquitoes can mean less outdoor fun … unless you have Mosquito Control Services from Massey.

Our trained experts target mosquitoes where they live and breed. We create a customized solution based on the conditions of your property – using the most effective materials in combination with a variety of devices – to greatly reduce mosquito populations around your home, so you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Schedule Your FREE Mosquito Inspection Today!

“The mosquito prevention was the BEST DECISION! I highly recommend it to everyone!” -Gerald V.

Termite Treatment and Control


Every Home is at Risk for Termite Damage

Where we live, termites are active year round. You don’t see them, you can’t hear them, and most homeowners don’t know they have a problem until it’s too late! Termites are continually searching for food sources, and once they find your home, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they have a termite problem until it’s too late.

Without quality Termite Protection, your home could be at risk for expensive repairs from termite damage which may not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Fortunately, there’s Massey Services Termite Protection.

Our preventive program can protect your home from a variety of termites and other wood-destroying organisms. Plus, our Termite Protection includes a guarantee that covers the structure and the contents of your home.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late … Schedule Your FREE Termite Inspection Today!

“Great service. I called for an inspection and they quickly scheduled me. I purchased the Sentricon® system and they installed it the next day. They are upfront with prices, no upcharges, no surprises and aren’t pushy trying to sell services. Their team is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.”    -James D.

Disinfecting Services

Proven Virus Disinfection from Massey Services Protects Your Business

Massey Services BioAssured has the most complete and effective disinfecting solution to eliminate bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) and H1N1 (the flu).  Our proprietary and innovative, multi-layered cleaning and disinfecting program consists of a proven two-step process:

1) Elimination of Bacteria and Viruses from High Touchpoint Surfaces

  • We identify and test high touchpoint surfaces throughout your business to assess your current level of cleanliness
  • We clean and disinfect high touchpoint surfaces to prepare them for the application of our durable biostatic treatment

2) Ongoing Protection from Bacteria and Viruses

  • We apply our scientifically proven virus barrier to all cleaned surfaces.
  • Our proprietary treatment kills bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) and H1N1 (the flu), and then continuously protects from bacteria, mold and viruses for up to 30 days.
  • We retest the treated surfaces to evaluate the level of improved cleanliness and return regularly to maintain a clean, safe environment for your business, employees and customers.

Protect Your Business Today with
Massey Services + BioAssured Disinfecting Services

Why Massey Services?

Our commitment to service excellence, total customer satisfaction and environmentally responsible services are some of the reasons our more than 800,000 customers trust Massey Services for Pest Control, Termite Control, Lawn Services, Irrigation Maintenance, Mosquito Control Services and Disinfecting Services.  

We provide our services from over 175 Service Center locations throughout FloridaGeorgiaLouisianaTexasSouth CarolinaNorth Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Guaranteed Total Customer Satisfaction

With more than 90 years of superior service, Massey Services is committed to the promise of total customer satisfaction. This includes quick response time, environmentally responsible programs, detailed and customized service, trained experts and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our services, we’ll keep coming back until you are. That’s why you can Expect More … and Get It.

* Valid for new customers on the purchase of any new service(s) only. Not valid with any other offer. Some services are not available in all areas. Cannot be applied toward current service(s) or renewal(s). Savings not to exceed Initial Service Charge(s). Offer valid 9/30/22.

Irrigation License SCC131151531.

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Over 90 years of superior services and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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September Weather is Tough on your Landscape

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Great Service. Guaranteed. It’s our mission. It’s our passion.

At Massey Services we are committed to providing GREAT SERVICE that protects your home and business against damage caused by termites, prevents unwanted & unhealthy pests and makes your lawn and landscape greener, healthier and beautiful! We believe in Total Customer Satisfaction, which is why you can Expect More … and Get It!

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