Protecting your business from infectious disease is top of mind these days.  Your business reputation relies on having a clean environment that protects you, your employees and your customers.  Massey Services, in partnership with BioAssured, has the most complete and effective disinfecting solution that protects your business for up to 30 days! 

Our disinfecting service will effectively Neutralize, Sanitize and Eliminate bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) and H1N1 (the flu).  Massey’s proprietary and innovative, multi-layered cleaning and disinfecting program consists of a proven two-step process.

Step One: Elimination and Sanitization of Bacteria and Viruses

Massey’s trained Specialists identify and clean all high touchpoint surfaces throughout your business. Your high touchpoint surfaces are cleaned and disinfected to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms.

Step Two: Neutralization of Future Bacteria and Viruses

Our Specialists will apply our scientifically proven virus barrier to all cleaned areas of your business. This specialized layer of protection will prevent microorganisms from growing on your surfaces for up to 30 days.

Here’s How Our Disinfecting Services Program Works

  • Identify: Massey technicians provide a thorough inspection to evaluate your unique challenges
  • Plan: We present a documented plan with a customized solution
  • Disinfect: We disinfect and sanitize to eliminate bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19) and H1N1 (Flu)
  • Protect: We apply a biostatic finish to all services, offering 30 days of continuous protection from microorganisms
  • Measure: Our scientific testing measures the level of sanitation of your treated surfaces. This is part of our BioAssured Regulatory Compliance PromiseTM.

Our Promise to You

Our experts develop a customized, measurable program that is designed just for your business.  That includes adapting to your company’s hours of operations, access points and layout to minimally interfere with your normal operations. 

Our Disinfecting Services clean and protect for 30 DAYS!  Once treated, we work with you to prevent contamination to keep your business at optimal sanitation levels. 

Protection Where It’s Needed Most

Our Disinfecting Services can be used in a variety of businesses, including Offices, Hotels, Event Venues, Restaurants, Processing Facilities, Warehouse Spaces, Medical Facilities and more. 

Here are just a few examples of areas we concentrate on when providing disinfecting services:

High Touchpoint Areas

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Railings
  • Breakrooms
  • Bathrooms

Kitchens and Restaurant Equipment

  • Sinks, faucets and knobs
  • Food prep stations and counters
  • Dry storage
  • Tools and utensils
  • Bar area
  • Waiting areas
  • TO GO food areas

Offices and Office Equipment

  • Copiers
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Desks
  • Chairs

Day Cares, Churches, Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Desk and table surfaces
  • Bathroom counters
  • Waiting rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Chairs and pews

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