This Time of Year, We Experience Intense Heat and Increased Rain, So Proper Irrigation is Critical!

In August, extreme heat and heavy rain are part of Florida’s climate. However, within just a few days without rain, you will begin to see damage such as dry patches and brown spots in your lawn. These are signs that your lawn is not getting the water it needs.

Be sure your lawn, trees and shrubs are being watered with the right frequency and uniformity to stay healthy and strong.

Since most irrigation systems run early in the morning, you may not even know you have broken, clogged or misdirected sprinkler heads. Plus, there may also be other issues with your irrigation system that you may not be able to see such as improper zone coverage and broken or leaky pipes. That’s why it’s critical to have your irrigation system checked regularly.

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Customer Reviews

Port Orange, FL

Irrigation Service

Our technician did an outstanding job installing our irrigation system. He is one of the hardest working guys I have met and is very knowledgeable. All the staff I have interacted with, since I signed up with Massey Services, have been fabulous.”

Jacksonville, FL

Irrigation Service

My technician came to repair and replace a self-installed sprinkler system that I had not properly installed years ago. The technician was not only professional but also courteous. He had great attention to detail to ensure this job was properly done. I would recommend Massey to anyone!”

Eustis, FL

Irrigation Service

“Not only am I pleased with [my technician], but I am very happy with all of the Massey personnel who visit my property, as I have several contracts with your company. All whom I meet are very polite and seem to enjoy their work. I always tell those who take care of my lawn that if you ever need a yard as a show and tell you are welcome to visit.”

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