Meet Jelicia Sellers – January Team Member Spotlight

At Massey Services, we love to recognize our Team Members for their hard work, dedication and commitment to service excellence.

We want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the lives, personalities, and backgrounds of our Team Members. Get a glimpse of what motivates them in their careers here at Massey Services.

Our January Team Member Spotlight shines a light on Jelicia Sellers. Let’s learn more about Jelicia!

The Basics:

Hometown:  Atlanta, Ga

Current City:  Roswell

Job Title:   Pest Technician

Years with Massey Services:  8 Months

Get to Know Jelicia:

Q: Who do you admire and why?

Jelicia: My grandfather, he inspires me for so many reasons. He is smart, wise, and funny.

Q: Your favorite food, that you could eat almost every day? 

Jelicia: Spaghetti.

Q: Any New Year’s Resolutions? 

Jelicia: I want to learn new recipes. Love to cook.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all-time?

Jelicia: Monsters Inc.

Q: What three words best describe you? 

Jelicia: Personable, motivated, resourceful.

The Career:

Q: What made you interested in working for Massey Services? 
A: Advancement opportunities, and management really cares.

Q: What does your average workday look like? 
A: Consistent learning and educating our customers.

Q: What is the best part about your job? And why?
A:  The ability to manage my route and provide the solutions, as well as management’s trust in the process and my ability to solve problems.

Q: Which skills have you learned on the job? 
A: The science and business aspect behind a pest management company.

Q: What do you believe makes your career at Massey Services truly unique? 
A: There is a routine aspect to our position, similar to my military career. I’m able to serve with a purpose, that inspires me, and the learning and development with associates is amazing.

Thank you Jelicia, for going above and beyond for our customers and being a shining example of why it’s our people that MAKE A DIFFERENCE!