What are those brown circles in my lawn?

diseases_03brownpatch_enlNovember is a great time of year for lawns. You don’t have to mow them as often, and turf and shrubbery thrive without the stress of the summer heat.

Unfortunately, it is also a good time for brown patch fungus and broadleaf weeds to appear.

Brown patch fungus appears as brown circles or patches of damaged turf with yellow, orange or purple grass blades on the outside border of the patch. Sometimes regrowth in the center of the patch may give it a doughnut-like appearance.

The key to preventing brown patch fungus is to avoid over watering your lawn. Once a week watering should be sufficient, and in areas that retain moisture, you may need to water even less. Proper watering will also help in preventing winter annual weeds.

On the positive side, November is also a good time to establish new trees, shrubs and turf.

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