Tips for Choosing the Best Pest Prevention Company

Not all pest control programs are created equal. While many programs claim that they can keep your home or business pest-free, the methods to achieve these results may not be environmentally-friendly. One of the most important first steps of any pest prevention program is the inspection, which will determine what pests are present and what needs to be done to eliminate them. 160143496Here are a few recommended tips to help choose the right pest prevention company:

  • Make certain the company does a detailed inspection, from crawl space or basement all the way to the attic.  This helps to identify the exact type of pest that is present and avoid broad applications to eliminate them.  It also allows the company to determine where the pests are gaining access so they eliminate the entry point the pest is using to get inside.
  • Check that the pest prevention team is made up of full-time employees who have received consistent internal training and are screened to ensure they can properly manage the job.
  • Find out if the company has in-house entomologists who continually work to refine treatments. An entomologist is a broadly trained and educated professional in the study of insects.
  • Ask if the pest prevention company has a money-back guarantee that will cover you if any problems ever occur.
  • Research to see if the company has received numerous awards for their environmentally sensitive practices.

Massey Services, the 5th largest pest management company in the industry and the largest family-owned company in the business, adheres to these practices and standards to ensure its customers have the best service to protect their homes and businesses.