Tips to Control Mosquito Population Around Your Home

Mosquitoes give a whole new meaning to the word “Pest.” So, it’s critical to reduce the mosquito population around your home, particularly if you spend lots of time outside.

At best, mosquito bites can cause itchiness and unsightly bumps. At their worst, they can create allergic reactions and even lead to potentially dangerous diseases such as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus and Malaria. So it’s critical to reduce the mosquito population around your home.

Massey Services recommends the following tips to help you protect your family and pets from these annoying and potentially dangerous pests:

  • Focus mosquito control efforts outside the home. Keep mosquitoes out of your home by having tightly closed doors as well as windows and screens that are properly fitted.
  • Drain standing water from the places it collects around your home (bird baths, unfiltered pools) to eliminate breeding habitats. (Drain often; mosquito larvae can develop and become adults in a matter of days.)
  • Clear leaves and debris from gutters and drains to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water.
  • Avoid working or playing outdoors at dawn or dusk when mosquitoes are most active. If you must be outside at these times, wear long sleeves and long pants.
  • Use insect repellent with DEET, applying it not only to skin but to clothing, as well. (Mosquitoes can bite through thin clothing.)
  • If there is an excessive amount of water outside your home, request professional help to apply a larvicide to reduce the mosquito population.

The CDC provides additional advice on protecting yourself and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they spread.

Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years and are one of the most irritating pests.

A professional pest prevention company can provide proper control and elimination services through a customized mosquito abatement program.