The Painful Bite of a Fire Ant

No ant is fun to have around but for the most part, ants can typically be pretty harmless. But if there is one ant you don’t want to come in contact with, it’s the Red Imported Fire Ant.

The fire ant originated in South America but were introduced to the U.S. between 1933 and 1945. Today they infest all of the southern states from Florida to Texas.

All fire ant colonies should be avoided. They have the potential to deliver many painful stings as they provide protection for their colony. When a fire ant stings, they must first grab the skin with their jaw for leverage, then curl their abdomen to insert the stinger. The venom causes a burning sensation and can be extremely dangerous to certain people, causing serious allergic reactions.

Symptoms of a Fire Ant Bite:

  • A painful raised bump that becomes a pus-filled blister in 6-24 hours and remains for up to 10 days
  • Skin at the bite site that dies and leaves a scar or bump
  • A toxic reaction when there may have been 20 or more stings
  • Redness and swelling extending beyond the sting site

Home treatment can help relieve pain and prevent infection.

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