Pest Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that Spring has sprung and warmer weather is on it’s way, its good to prepare for an increase in pest activity around your home.

There’s so much to get excited about as the spring season approaches: Flowers begin to bloom. Birds start to sing. New life and color begin to emerge at every corner of your neighborhood. Unfortunately, that rule also holds true for pests. Due to the fact that many insects are dormant in the cooler months of winter, spring is when many homeowners realize that they may have a problem with unwanted guests.

Use these tips and tricks to help reduce the chances of pesky intruders creeping into your home during the spring season.

Pest Spring Cleaning Tips:

  • Look for leaf litter that may have built up in the garage during the winter. Spiders love to hide in this kind of debris. Take an afternoon or weekend to clean up leaves behind stored items in your garage, back patio or shed.
  • Ants are going to begin to build their colonies outside, make sure to prune all vegetation at least 6 to 12 inches away from your home to prevent them from getting inside.spring
  • Check seals around all of your doors. As doors age, grommets can be damaged or may shrink. Regular inspection, resealing and repair will go a long way toward preventing pest entry into your home. Seal all obvious gaps around your home.
  • Clean up any food, crumbs or mold from around your dishwasher and compactor, under your sinks and around your home. This will prevent residues from attracting crawling pests or small flies.
  • Inspect your air conditioner and replace the filter. Make sure your system is regularly maintained and is prepared to handle the increasing temperatures.
  • If you feed pets outside, bring the food inside until next winter to prevent attracting roaches and ants. If you must feed them outside, bring everything in at the end of the day, clean up the area and place fresh food out the next morning.

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