Massey Services Shatters “Mad In April” Records!

BliltzMassey Services conducted its annual company-wide “MAD (Making a Difference) in APRIL” sales event this month, generating over 12,000 new customers for more than $6.2 million in sales. The two-day event was held in all states where Massey Services is located and included all 1,900 team members. For 16 consecutive years, Massey Services has held the event in April and each year the company has significantly exceeded expectations.

“Our ‘MAD in APRIL’ event is an integral part of our organization,” said Tony Massey, President. “Each year all of our team members, regardless of their role in the company, travel to our Service Centers to participate in the event. They work in teams to meet with our customers and prospective customers.”

The annual event, which builds comradery and team work, also provides friendly competition between Regional Management, Service Centers and our corporate team. Additionally, corporate team members have an opportunity to learn more about customers and field operations.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team members,” said Ed Dougherty, Executive VP and COO. “This experience provides our corporate team with an excellent learning opportunity of how our Operations team functions and provides our field team members the chance to learn more about our corporate office. All of our team members did an outstanding job during the event.”