How To Keep Your Pet Safe From Fleas: It’s Flea Season!

It’s National Pet Week and we know you love your pet – a lot.  You would probably agree there is no better feeling than coming home from a long day just to find your furry friend greeting you at the door. 

But, there is one other feeling that might feel better than that – knowing, for certain, that your best friend is protected from fleas.

The most common flea species plaguing American homes and domestic animals is the cat flea. Their bites can cause itchy, red bumps that lead to excessive scratching.

While the best way to treat an infestation in your home is to call a professional, there are ways that you can prevent fleas from taking over:
  • INSPECT! After walks or playtime outside, inspect your furry friend thoroughly. You should brush their coat and remove any debris or insects.
  • Bathe your pets regularly – using a shampoo that kills pests.
  • Be on the lookout for excessive scratching. This is a good indicator they have skin irritations.
  • If your fur-ever friend has long hair, consider having them groomed in the spring and summer. This not only prevents fleas or ticks from latching on, but it also allows you to spot them easier if they do.
  • See the vet! Consult with your veterinarian to determine what preventive medicine you should give your four-legged family member.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding, crate, toys, food bowls and sleeping areas on a regular basis.
  • If you notice a change in your animal’s behavior, such as lack of energy or appetite, take them to the vet immediately. It could be a sign of Lyme disease or another health issue caused by pests.
  • Keep your home clean and clutter free.
  • Vacuum frequently and wash linens on a regular basis.
  • Keep your lawn cut short and gardens well maintained to prevent breeding grounds for pests. Fleas and ticks often hide out in tall grasses.
If your pet has fleas, bathe them and seek the consult of a veterinarian.

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