Good vs. Bad Spiders

When most people see spider, they cringe. Is it a good spider or a bad spider? Will it hurt me?

bad spiders

Just the way spiders walk with their eight legs looks creepier than their six legged relatives, the insects. It doesn’t help that spiders are constantly being shown as creepy and gross through Halloween props. TV shows and movies have made spiders synonymous with screaming even though most spiders are completely harmless. That’s right, completely harmless.

What the movies and Halloween props don’t tell you is that the majority of spiders are actually beneficial. They feast on small insects such as flies, mosquitoes and tiny moths. Truth is, most spiders can’t even bite through human skin.

Types of Spiders

In the southeast, the only venomous spiders are the widow spiders and the recluse spiders. In Florida and east Georgia, brown recluse spiders are for the most part, non existent. The brown recluse thrives from Atlanta to the east half of Texas, up to southern Iowa.

In most cases, the spider you encounter around your home will be a southern house spider, a wolf spider, a jumping spider or an orb weaver. All of these are completely harmless. However, just in case, take care if you try to grab or provoke them. When you spot a spider in your home, it’s a good idea to find someone brave enough to nudge it into a cup or jar and release it outside.

Prevention of Spiders

bad spidersMassey Services Pest Prevention program includes sweeping around the outside of the home to keep spiders from building webs.  This is harmless to the spider, yet a good way to keep them out of your home.

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