Whitefly Alert in South Florida

Are your trees and shrubs starting to look unhealthy? Whiteflies could be the culprit. The pin-head sized insect from South America tends to favor the underside of leaves and can cause major damage to trees, bushes, and other leafy plants, particularly in the South Florida region. The invasive whitefly in south Florida, typically whitish-yellow in color, lays eggs on the belly of leaves. Once the eggs hatch, the bugs latch onto the leaf, eating away at up to 500 different plant species until the leaves fall off. If the flies go undetected, they can devastate a lush landscape. When whiteflies reach the adult stage, they no longer feed on the plant, but continue to breed. White Fly UF

The three types of whiteflies that target the South Florida area are the Ficus whitefly, Rugose spiraling whitefly, and the Bondar’s nesting whitefly. Massey Services offers these tips for accurately spotting a whitefly infestation:

  • Clouds of tiny white swarms around trees and shrubs
  • A waxy, spiral-patterned substance on the underside of leaves
  • Honeydew residue on leaves, which is used to breakdown plant nutrients

All of these can be indicators of a whitefly infestation. Massey Services can help eliminate and prevent whiteflies from causing harm to trees and shrubs.

If you suspect you may have a whitefly problem or believe your landscape is suffering from another pest, weed or disease, contact us today for a free landscape inspection!