The My Massey App – Now Available for iPhone and Android Devices

Have you heard the news? The My Massey App is now available for both iPhone and Android devices.

We created the My Massey App two years ago for use with the iPhone but received many requests from our customers to offer this for Android devices as well. This officially launched last week and we’re excited to share the news with all of our customers and team members.

So what exactly can you do using the My Massey App? The answer is a A LOT. You can essentially manage your Massey Services account(s) anytime, anywhere – right from your phone!blue-m

The My Massey App allows you to easily:

  • Pay your bills
  • Request an appointment
  • Sign up for paperless billing
  • Communication with a Massey Customer Care Team Member about any immediate concerns with your home or landscape
  • Send pictures of any issue you may have a question about
  • Submit service requests
  • Review service history

To learn more about the My Massey App for Android and iPhone, visit our My Massey App page and find quick and easy links to download the app to your phone.