Pest Prevention Resolutions for the New Year

As 2018 draws to a close, many of us have already started our list of New Year’s resolutions. 

As we wish you a very Happy New Year, here are a few pest prevention resolutions for 2018, starting with tips for storing your holiday decorations.

Pest Prevention Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Remove old cardboard boxes and old wrapping paper from storage areas such as attics and basements.
  2. Place items made of wool or silk into ziplock or sealed plastic bags.
  3. Store your decorations in plastic storage boxes that have tight fitting lids instead of cardboard boxes. Make sure the lids are well sealed to keep silverfish and other small pests from entering.
  4. Cover paper box labels with clear tape and if you include a detailed contents sheet, make sure to place it in a sealed ziplock bag.
  5. Protect yourself from bed bugs while traveling by performing a simple bed bug inspection of your hotel room.
  6. Avoid bringing bed bugs home with you by taking steps to isolate your travel bags from the rest of your home if you suspect you may have stayed in a hotel with bed bugs.
  7. If you have house guests who have been staying in hotels or on a cruise ship, be aware that bed bugs may have hitched a ride with them. After your guests leave, carefully inspect guest rooms for any signs of bed bugs. Wash all bed linens as soon as possible.
  8. Keep your pantry clean. Crumbs and sticky food residue provide an attractive food source for pests.
  9. Make sure doors and windows are well sealed.
  10. Repair torn screens.
  11. Keep trash cans clean and lids sealed to prevent ants, roaches and flies from feeding and breeding in the trash.
  12. Remove excess leaves from the roof and rain gutters.
  13. Make sure gutter spouts direct water away from your home.
  14. Trim excess vegetation away from your home.
  15. Store firewood away from your home’s foundation.

We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season and we wish you a very happy new year!

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