Storing Holiday Decorations

outside-Christmas-lightsAs the holidays draw to a close, many of us will be tasked with taking down and storing holiday decorations until next year.

The attics and basements where these items are commonly stored provide an ideal habitat for pests and rodents. So when your putting away your holiday decorations for the year, consider the following tips to ensure your decorations are kept free from pests until the next holiday season:

  • Remove old cardboard boxes and old wrapping paper from your storage area.
  • Place items made of wool or silk into ziplock or sealed plastic bags.
  • Store your decorations in plastic storage boxes that have tight fitting lids instead of cardboard boxes. Make sure the lids are well sealed to keep silverfish and other small pests from entering.
  • If you label your boxes, cover the label with clear tape and if you include a detailed contents sheet, make sure to place it in a sealed ziplock bag.

We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season and wish you a very happy new year!