Old Faithful – Quite The Sight, But Not For Your Front Yard!

We see it so often driving down the road; some poor homeowner that’s left for work has their own geyser in their front yard from a broken sprinkler head.

Unfortunately that broken sprinkler head can lead to several problems: increased water bills, dead grass, weeds, disease and the list can go on!

So before spring rolls around and you get caught with your own national monument, you should have your Irrigation System inspected by a professional. Make sure they check your:

  • Timer box – is it set correctly for the type of sprinklers you have, watering restrictions and the amount of water your landscape needs?
  • Zone pressure – is there enough pressure to each zone to ensure water is covering the entire zone?
  • Sprinkler head type – do you have the right sprinkler heads for the type of watering your landscape needs?
  • Rain sensor – is your rain sensor working properly?  Do you have one installed?
  • Zone coverageare your sprinklers covering the entire zone?  Are they misdirected? Do you need risers installed?

Don’t stop there though!

Irrigation systems require ongoing maintenance and should be maintained and monitored more than once a year.

Leave Old Faithful where she lies!

Not Sure Where To Start?

old faithfulCLICK HERE to schedule a free, no obligation irrigation inspection. One of our trained experts will provide recommendations for on right irrigation program for you!