Mowing Smart for Your Lawn

As the warm weather arrives and our grass starts growing rapidly again, it’s important to make sure you’re mowing smart.

Mowing plays a critical role in the health of your landscape and if done incorrectly, can leave your lawn exposed to weeds, insects and diseases. Here are a few mowing tips that will help ensure that your mowing is adding to the health and beauty of your landscape.

Tips To Mowing Smart:

  • Mow Frequently:  You should mow at least once per week during the warmer months and once every 10 – 14 days during the cooler months.
  • Mow at the Proper Height:  Different grasses require different mowing heights that vary from 1-4″.  Mowing too low will cause the grass to turn brown and possibly take weeks to recover.
  • Use a Sharp Blade:  A dull blade will “rip” the grass rather than make a clean cut.  This leaves the grass exposed to disease and the ripped tips will turn brown leaving your lawn unsightly.
  • Avoid Mowing Wet Grass:  Wet clippings can clog your mower, reducing its efficiency to effectively cut your grass.
  • Leave Clippings, If Possible:  Grass clippings return vital nutrients to your landscape.

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