Go Green and Save Some Green!

Massey Services has been committed to providing environmentally responsible services for over 20 years and constantly works to produce new initiatives to protect the environment.

Being green is part of Massey’s past…and future.

go green

In hopes that your family will adopt some green practices, we’ve put together five simple things you can do at home to go green- while also saving money:

  1. Conserve Energy – turn off lights, televisions, radios, etc. when not in use or when leaving a room.
  2. Conserve Water – turn off the water when brushing teeth and try to take shorter showers. Inspect your irrigation system frequently to ensure sprinkler heads are intact and not just gushing water.
  3. Recycle – items that can be recycled include aluminum cans, glass jars and bottles, plastic soda bottles, plastic milk jugs, newspapers and magazines, junk mail, office/printer paper, plastic grocery bags and cardboard.
  4. Think Before You Buy – make a conscious effort to purchase things that will last. This practice reduces the number of items that quickly break and end up in the trash.
  5. Reduce – limit the amount of pre-packaged and disposable products you use. Try buying everyone in the family a reusable water bottle instead of using bottled water, soda and juice or buy snack items in bulk and package them in small reusable containers.

Some may ask the question – Can a pest, termite and landscape services company really be Green???

The fact is, Massey Services has been dedicated to providing environmentally responsible services for over 20 years – long before it became politically and socially in vogue. For example…

  • We eliminated the indiscriminate spraying of pesticides in your home by creating Pest PREVENTIONan environmentally responsible alternative to traditional pest control.
  • We pioneered termite control pre-construction and post-construction treatment programs that save up to 400 gallons of water per treatment.
  • Our landscape services include soil aeration (soil perforation) – one of the most environmentally beneficial practices for a green, healthy landscape. Soil aeration increases oxygen in the soil which enhances deep root growth, maximizes water absorption and reduces fertilizer run off.

So, what’s it take to be green? There are several ways to help conserve our natural resources, save money and keep our planet clean. The fact of the matter is, all it takes is commitment. For us, it’s commitment to our customers. Commitment to our community. And commitment to our environment. That’s what our company Mission Statement points to and that’s where we’ll continue to go.

We are proud to be recognized by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and Orange County as an environmental steward and have been an industry environmental leader for decades.

Won’t you join us?

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