Don’t Let Hotel Bed Bugs Become Summer Traveling Companions

Summer is in full swing and as July flies by we are all getting ready to take our summer vacations before school is back in session. One thing we don’t want to have worry about is bed bugs, which can easily become nasty traveling companions if we’re not careful.

Staying in a four-star resort with the finest amenities and the highest standards doesn’t mean these invasive critters won’t be present. Fortunately, we do have a few tips to help you prevent bed bugs from becoming your vacation companions and even worse, your house guests if they hitchhike home with you.Univar Image 8

  • Place your luggage in the bathtub or shower and inspect the hotel room for bed bugs, checking cracks and crevices like the seams of the mattress and around the headboard.
  • If you have checked the bed area and did not see bed bugs still be cautious; bed bugs may have been introduced to the closet and dresser drawers. Be sure to check inside dresser drawers and nightstands for insects and reddish-brown or black spots.
  • Bed bugs have difficulty climbing on smooth surfaces such as glass, polished metals. Keep your suitcases elevated on a luggage rack (be sure to check the cloth webbing before placing the suitcases on the rack), a dresser or on closet shelves. This may prevent bed bugs from getting into your bags.
  • Check upholstered chairs, recliners and sofas – these are the next most likely areas for bed bugs.  Make sure to examine along seams, skirts and folds of fabric.
  • When you return home, be certain to inspect luggage and clothing that you brought on vacation with you. Bed bugs are excellent travelers.

By following these easy steps, you should be able to avoid bed bugs from ruining your summer vacation.  if you do think you may have brought them home, contact us by CLICKING HERE for a free bed bug inspection and treatment solutions.  Happy Traveling!