Common Winter Weeds Invading Our Lawns

As the cooler temperatures roll in, you’re most likely hoping you’ve seen the last of the weeds in your yard. The summer seasonal weeds will die, but unfortunately the perennial weeds, like dollarweed, will stay.

With the rainy season behind us, you may think you need to make up for the absence of showers, but dollarweed thrives in wet conditions that may be caused by overwatering. It’s important to have a professional that can help weedscontrol your landscape weeds and prescribe proper irrigation.  The professionals at Massey Services will ensure your lawn is receiving the correct amount of water and know how to control any seasonal weeds that may begin to invade your lawn and landscape, like winter annual broadleaf weeds.

Winter annual broadleaf weeds thrive in the cool temperatures. While these weeds die naturally when it warms up, they are problematic during the winter, creating competition for the turf you want on your lawn.

Pre-emergence herbicide applied before the winter annual weeds sprout and a thick healthy lawn maintained through proper nutrition and proper watering and mowing is important.  Please contact the experts at Massey Services for a free landscape inspection. They’ll build a customized landscape program specific for your lawn and help prevent winter weeds.