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From palmetto bugs and termites to carpenter ants and spiders—Massey Services is one of the best pest control companies keeping your home protected no matter which pests are bugging you. Our services go beyond basic pest control. Our top-rated comprehensive pest prevention management program is customized to your pest control needs. Here in Kissimmee, we offer the following environmentally friendly local pest control services:

● Pest Prevention Services
● Termite Control & Termite Protection

When you need pest control services, choose the local pest control company, we’re not only among the best-rated pest control companies in Kissimmee, we’re the neighbor you can count on. Choose Massey Services.

Massey provides the following services:

  • Pest Control
  • Termite Protection

Kissimmee Pest Control Service with Peace of Mind Protection

Our pest prevention services are not only better for you and your family, but for the surrounding home environment as well. Most pest control services involve the indiscriminate spraying of pesticides in your home. Our focus is eliminating the conditions, avenues, and sources of pest infestation outside your home so pests don't get inside in the first place. Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if at any time you’re unsatisfied with the results of our pest control methods, we’ll provide corrective service at no additional charge.

Termite Protection Services in Kissimmee

No matter your termite protection needs, you can rely on the long-standing termite expertise from Massey Services. Our comprehensive termite protection plan evaluates all the factors around your home to treat and eliminate existing infestations and prevent future infestations. Whether you need termite prevention services or termite control treatments for active infestations, we customize our termite protection services to your needs for peace-of-mind protection.

What Your Neighbors in Kissimmee Say About Massey Services

"I have been using Massey for a little over a year now and my technician does very good on my pest service and my flea service. He does everything he is required to and more."
- Kissimmee Pest Control Customer

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