Micanopy, FL

“We are writing to make you aware of the awesome service provided by your technician and let you know how much we appreciate his work.

He always arrives when expected, sharply dressed in his company uniform and with a cheerful attitude. Often he fits us in on the same day we call, sometimes stopping by on his way home, cutting into his personal time.

He politely listens to our concerns and assesses our needs, then gets right to work treating our home. He explains what he’s doing, what he’s applying, and what we can do ourselves to reduce pests. He always remains vigilant to ensure that none of his applications could be dangerous to our small dog or harmful to the environment or aquifer.

He checks gutters, the dog house, the shed, and all around the home which sits on 2.8 mostly wooded acres. He never complains or tries to marginalize our concerns.

He’s removed carpenter ants, ground hives of yellow jackets, hornets, fire ants, and spiders such as black widow, brown widow, brown recluse and many others, making our home safer for us and our pets, as well as more enjoyable.”