Massey Services’ Peace-Of-Mind Termite Protection

As a realtor, you know the impact Wood Destroying Organisms (WDOs) or Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs) have on the closing of your clients’ new home. That’s why Massey, unlike other home inspector companies, offers a listing WDO/WDI inspection for realtors which allow you and your clients to be aware of any termite or Wood Destroying Organism and Insect problems at the earliest possible time.  Our certified and registered professionals will conduct a complete listing inspection of the home – inside, outside, over and under.

Why is the initial inspection so important?

  1. Protects you and your seller – The initial inspection will uncover problems now so your seller can correct any issues before a closing inspection.  Plus, the inspection is free so you don’t need to pay anything to find out if there’s a problem.
  2. Closing date will remain on schedule – A thorough inspection from a licensed professional will eliminate any last minute surprises that may affect the closing.
  3. Potential buyer assurance – Allows you to inform potential buyers that the house has been inspected for WDOs to assure them this should not be an issue during closing.
  4. No-cost inspection – During our listing inspection, we’ll complete a comprehensive graph of the entire property.  Once our inspection is completed we’ll provide all of our details and findings so you know what was discovered.  Plus, we guarantee to complete the inspection within 48 hours of your request.

If the initial evaluation reveals an active, live termite or other Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) or Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs) infestation, Massey Services will perform the necessary treatment at a special realtor discount of 15% off our regular price.

The Massey Difference

Massey’s comprehensive real estate program offers:

  1. Initial Listing Inspection – A comprehensive WDO/WDI inspection for home sellers when their house goes on the market that allows them to correct any problems that are discovered.
  2. WDO/WDI Inspection Report – Massey Services offers a second comprehensive WDO/WDI 13645 inspection that can be purchased at a discount prior to the closing.  A WDO 13645 inspection report will be provided at the end of the inspection.  This will complete the requirement for a state inspection report provided at the closing and will comply with all state rules and regulations.
  3. The Massey Guarantee – Massey’s exclusive WDO inspection GUARANTEE:  If a live, active infestation of termites is found in the structure within 90 days of the original WDO 13645 report, Massey Services will perform the necessary treatment at no additional cost to the owner.*

To request a complete termite and WDO/WDI inspection of your listing, please call 1-844-765-5258 or fill the FREE inspection form below.

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*Massey’s liability under the guarantee is limited to treatment only and does not guarantee against present or future damage to the property or its contents, nor does it provide repairs or compensation thereof.