Preparing Your Florida Lawn for the Dry Season

The Sunshine State isn’t like most states when it comes to landscaping. Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn during Florida’s dry season can be a real battle! However, with the right approach and some proactive measures, you can ensure that your grass stays a healthy green and continues to thrive even during the driest of spells.

As we approach summer, Florida is experiencing varying degrees of dry season conditions. For homeowners with beautiful and healthy lawns, this time of year can have a serious impact on your grass and plants.

In this blog, we’ll explore some essential tips and strategies to help you nurture your lawn through Florida’s dry season and how your nearby Massey landscaping service can make your lawn life easier.

When exactly is the “dry season” in Florida?

The dry season starts in the winter, and it just keeps getting dryer, with April and May being the driest months. Florida is feast or famine when it comes to water. April and May are key months to make sure your irrigation system is working properly. However, just because we are now in May doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Watering needs vary during this time of year in Florida depending on temperatures and humidity levels. Proper watering practices are critical to the health of every lawn and the longer days of spring may cause the soil to be drier. Native plants in Florida are tough and almost desert-like! The good news when it comes to moisture is there is a flushing season where these plants get plenty of water.

Why is it important to properly maintain your irrigation system?

The only thing that corrects dry soil is moisture. This is why a properly functioning irrigation system is a must.

When we irrigate, we want to replace the water that has been lost to evaporation and transpiration (through plants), which is termed “evapotranspiration.” When water depletes leaves the soil due to evapotranspiration the soil becomes drier and should trigger an irrigation event to get it back to near field capacity. Field capacity is the amount of water in a soil that has the most plant available water after is drained from gravity.

Flooding is not the answer for the dry season. Overwatering doesn’t solve your dry landscape problem. It is inefficient and can deliver elements other than water that you do not want, such as weeds and diseases.

Every irrigation system is unique, but you should water each section with approximately ¾” of water every time. In the absence of rainfall, additional watering of dry spots may also be needed. Other than conserving water, a properly maintained irrigation system will also contribute to the health and beauty of your landscape. A healthy lawn will not only grow to its fullest potential, but it also benefits our environment by decreasing noise pollution, reducing erosion from storm water runoff, and helping clean the air.

By regularly checking your irrigation system, you can avoid costly repairs for potential leaks and broken pipes while preventing your water bill from increasing due to water waste.


Three keys to maintaining your lawn during this time of year:

  • A working irrigation system. It can be something as simple as your watering hose.
  • Proper maintenance. What good is a watering hose when it isn’t properly cared for?
  • Who is your pilot? You are! If not you, then you will need a lawn expert to be your pilot. Your lawn can’t be beautiful without this final step.

This is where Massey Services’ Landscape Experts come in. We will find out what your precipitation rate is. It is important to measure the inches of water per hour. Some homeowners are savvy enough to handle this, but do you really have the free time to do so?

Our GreenUP Landscape service is a comprehensive program which includes everything needed for a healthy, vibrant lawn:

  • Specially blended lawn fertilization and nutrition
  • Preventive pre-emergent weed control treatments
  • Targeted treatments to eliminate weedsdiseases and insects
  • Annual core aeration for stronger, healthier roots
  • Annual soil pH testing to ensure the right treatments
  • Mowing and pruning recommendations for optimal lawn and plant health

Your nearby Massey GreenUP team includes plant specialists who provide expert advice on choosing the right plants and turf that will thrive in your landscape.

Remember to stay proactive and monitor your lawn regularly to address any issues before they escalate. With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to nurture your lawn through the dry season and beyond.

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