Welcome to the Massey Family of Pest Control Services

You may have already heard the news: Peninsular Pest Control Services is now Massey Services. Rest assured that your service will continue uninterrupted and with the same commitment to providing you with convienent, effective and affordable service.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Massey Services

Here are answers to other questions that might be on your mind:

What does the switch from Peninsular to Massey mean to me?

  • There will be no change or interruption to your service, and your guarantees and agreements will remain intact.


Who is going to be providing my service, Massey Services or Penisular? 

  • Massey Services.  While we complete the transition, you may also see a Peninsular vehicle or a team member in a Penisular uniform providing your inspection, but they all work for Massey now.


What’s different about Massey Services compared to Peninsular?

  • The differences between Massey Services and Peninsular are subtle:
  • Massey and Peninsular are both privately owned companies.
  • Massey Services has been providing service for over 80 years, since 1930 (Walker Chemical Company was purchased by Harvey L. Massey in 1985).
  • Even though our companies have some differences, both companies have always believed in Total Customer Satisfaction, environmental responsibility and being the best service companies in our industry.


I was given an estimate for service by Peninsular Pest Control, is that estimate still good?

  • The estimate that was provided to you is valid until the expiration date noted on the proposal or for 30 days from the date of the proposal.  If that date has passed, we would like to schedule a time to have a Massey Services Inspector meet with you to review the proposal and provide you with updated options.


Where do I pay my Peninsular Pest Control bill now? 

  • To pay online, simply visit my.masseyservices.com to set up your new Massey account login credentials. You will have complete access to your account for online payment and can view upcoming appointments. Continue to pay your bill as you always have.  Once your account is transferred, you will automatically receive invoices and statements with the correct remittance information.


What happens if I paid for my Peninsular Pest Control service in advance?

  • Nothing changes. Your service will continue uninterrupted and your agreement will remain intact.  Upon the anniversary date of your agreement, you will be given the option to pay for your service in advance again and receive a 5% discount.

The Massey Services Guarantee

Total customer satisfaction is always our goal. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

More than 800,000 customers trust Massey Services to provide environmentally responsible and innovative services that prevent pests from getting inside, protect your home from termites and keep unwanted mosquitoes away from your property.

And there is more. Massey Services in Jacksonville goes beyond the basics of everyday pest control, termite control and mosquito control. We customize our top-rated, comprehensive pest, termite, and mosquito management programs to meet your needs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Program

With our Pest Control and Prevention Program, we focus on the outside of your home to eliminate the conditions, avenues and sources pests use to get inside.

  • We start by completing a detailed inspection of your home.  We’ll identify any existing issues and potential pest problems and provide a written report of our findings.
  • Next, we’ll eliminate any existing pest problems and take the time to inform you of each pest control treatment completed.
  • Then we’ll build a customized pest control treatment program specific to your home to prevent future infestations.
  • Our quarterly service includes a thorough inspection on the outside of your home to seal any new entry points pests may use to get inside.
  • And if you ever need us in between pest control services, we’ll be there at no additional cost.

Termite Protection in Jacksonville, FL

Our Termite Control program protects your home from termites, including subterranean termites and drywood termites, as well as other wood destroying insects.

Some of the older areas of Jacksonville have century old trees and homes and Formosan Termites can create a real problem. These termites generally invade structures from the ground. They commonly enter through expansion joints, cracks, and utility conduits in slabs.

  • Our service begins with a free detailed, thorough inspection inside, outside, over and under your home to identify any termite activity or termite damage.
  • Once we complete our inspection, we will review our findings and recommend the best treatment option for your home.
  • Then every year we’ll complete a thorough re-inspection of your home to ensure your home remains protected.
  • Our termite guarantee provides you peace-of-mind protection and includes retreatment and repair of any new damage to the structure and contents of your home – with no deductible.

Jacksonville Mosquito Control Program

Our mosquito control lets you enjoy the outdoors all year long without mosquitoes. Since the Jacksonville area has fairly consistent afternoon showers during the summer, water often collects around the exterior of the home. Mosquitoes need water to breed and areas that are filled with water are the perfect place for a mosquito population to thrive.

  • We start by performing a thorough inspection of your home to identify the conditions, avenues and sources of mosquito activity
  • Then as part of our mosquito control service, we’ll provide the following:
    • A barrier application around both the exterior of your home and the perimeter of your property.
    • Larvicide treatments to mosquito breeding grounds in areas where water tends to collect, such as in gutters, drains and potted plants.
    • A residual treatment in areas where mosquitoes thrive, including shrubs, under decks and patio furniture.
  • We use a combination of the most effective materials in combination with a variety of devices to greatly reduce mosquito populations around your home.

Massey provides the following services in the Jacksonville area:

  • Pest Control
  • Termite Protection
  • Mosquito Services