Massey Services and BioAssured Partner to Launch New Long-Lasting Disinfecting System

ORLANDO, Fla., June 9, 2020 – The creators of the BioAssured™ Process and BioAssured Certification™ have announced a strategic partnership with Orlando headquartered, Massey Services. Serving over 650,000 customers across seven states, Massey Services provides BioAssured with the ability to rapidly scale and deploy their building certification program. As a leading pest management company, Massey’s commercial client base includes many of Central Florida’s top hospitality and tourism centered brands lined up to become BioAssured Certified.

BioAssured™ was developed by three Orlando entrepreneurs who saw the need for a national “Gold Standard of Clean” providing consumers with consistency and confidence across all industries and markets. 

Massey Service technicians are trained and certified to apply a two-step electrostatic treatment to all BioAssured buildings. The two-step treatment starts with the application of an EPA Registered cleaner and disinfectant (listed on schedule N) which has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to SARS-CoV2 or human coronavirus. Then a non-leaching durable biostatic finish is applied using nano-technology to bond and protect the surface against microorganisms such as mold, mildew, and bacteria for a minimum of 30 days. “This unique process provides a significant advantage for our customers by reducing the cost and disruption with on-going disinfection of surfaces,” says Tony Massey, President Massey Services.

“All BioAssured Buildings will be required to maintain reapplication treatments every 30 days with randomized quality checks and assessments. Massey’s dedication to excellence made them a clear choice for a partner to offer our proprietary process and our BioAssured Certification,” Dr. Wes Naylor, COO BioAssured. 

“We are delighted to partner with BioAssured on this comprehensive and innovative surface and air decontamination system,” said Tony Massey. “Our goal is to help our customers to open their business with the confidence and assurance that their customers and employees are protected. Our Corporate Headquarters, located in Orlando, Florida, is the first building in the United States to earn a BioAssured Certification,” said Massey.

The BioAssured multi-layered process was developed in collaboration with Orlando-based Healthe, the creators of the patented line of Cleanse® Far-UVC products. The process includes scientific assessment of each location with a suite of recommendations that include a 2-step cleaning and disinfection process in combination with the deployment of Far-UVC technology. Far-UVC is the safest way to continuously decrease contamination and sanitize surfaces and air.

BioAssured clients receive expert recommendations for the selection of Healthe Far-UVC products like the Cleanse® Downlight, which is proven to inactivate harmful pathogens with 222-nanometer ultraviolet light that that is safe for people, and the Cleanse® Troffer which combines HEPA-Carbon activated filtration with UV sanitization.

About Massey Services
Based in Orlando, Florida, Massey Services is the nation’s fifth largest pest prevention company and the largest privately held family-owned company in the industry. Celebrating 35 consecutive years of profitable growth, Massey Services and its subsidiary organizations employ more than 2,200 team members and operate 1,900 vehicles that provide residential and commercial pest prevention, termite protection, landscape and irrigation services to over 650,000 customers from Service Centers throughout Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and Oklahoma. For more information about Massey Services, please visit

About BioAssured
BioAssured was founded in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic to create a standard of sanitization that provides consumers with consistency and confidence across all industries and markets. By designating a facility as BioAssured, the name will reassure its occupants that scientific assessments have taken place and solutions deployed to offer the highest levels of bioprotection available. BioAssured Certifications will soon be available for viewing in a national database. Signage and stickers will be displayed in all BioAssured locations. For more information visit