Fighting Lawn Diseases Starts With Our GreenUP Program

Stronger, healthier turf support its natural resistance to lawn disease such as fungus, brown patch and root rot. Our disease and fungus treatment starts with our GreenUP Program, which includes a variety of environmentally friendly techniques to strengthen your lawn:

  • Full inspection to spot lawn issues
  • Lawn aeration to support root health
  • Fertilizers to boost grass growth
  • Irrigation services to ensure proper watering

Fighting the Causes of Brown Patch Fungus

There are two main causes of brown patch fungus: excessive moisture and cold weather. We use the cooler months to prepare your lawn for the growing season and the intense summer climate. Proper cool weather care involves reducing watering frequency, keeping your lawn mowed higher and watching shaded patches of grass that retain water for signs of brown patch fungus. Our in-house experts carefully craft a fertilizer and nutrient blend specifically for each season and your climate. It’s like having a nutritionist for your lawn.

If you want to protect your lawn from harmful diseases, call for a free inspection.

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Customer Reviews

Lecanto, FL

Landscape Service

“I want to thank Massey Services for the work they do to make my lawn and shrubs outshine the rest of my neighbors. I get compliments from others all the time.”  -L. Filby

Orange City, FL

Landscape Service

“My yard was a sad mess a few years ago. Massey Services came to the rescue. They gathered a great team to get my lawn back on track and provided great customer services by following up and listening to my concerns. Now I have a gorgeous yard!”  -S. Maisak

The Villages, FL

Landscape Service

“I recently became a customer with Massey Services and have had a great experience. After the first treatment, my yard is already looking 100% better! If you’re looking for a high quality and affordable lawn service, I recommend Massey.”  -S. Engstrom

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