How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Spring is just around the corner, but temperatures in many locations are already starting to heat up! Unfortunately, warmer temperatures and increasing humidity also create ideal conditions for increased mosquito activity.

Mosquitoes are bothersome and their bites can cause allergic reactions, including those irritating and itchy bites so many of us experience.  Mosquitoes can also carry dangerous diseases such as the Zika Virus, West Nile virus and malaria. That’s why it’s critical to reduce the mosquito population around your home, particularly if you spend a lot of time outside. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Not all mosquitoes bite. In fact, only female mosquitoes – who require proteins, such as those found in our blood, to produce their eggs.  Once female mosquitoes have enough protein, they breed by laying their eggs in standing water … and even the smallest amount of standing water can make for the perfect breeding area.  

There are several places around your home or property that can be potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, including damp areas under patio furniture and around leafy vegetation.  Here are some tips to reduce mosquito breeding areas:

Tips to Reduce Areas Where Mosquitoes Breed on Your Property

To reduce mosquito breeding grounds around your property, the National Pest Management Association recommends you start by eliminating obvious standing water, including:

  • Gutters – remove leaves and other debris from gutters
  • Planters, flowerpots and buckets – pour out standing water
  • Grill Cover – make sure water isn’t gathering on top
  • Bird Baths and water bowls – change out the water frequently
  • Kids Toys – empty or turn over any items that can hold water

If you still have concerns, contact a licensed pest control professional, such as Massey Services, formosquito control services.


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