Managing Grassy Weeds

Everybody loves a beautiful, green and healthy lawn. Our Massey GreenUP Specialists continuously work on eliminating or minimizing the number and types of weeds that you may commonly find in your lawn. We focus on growing the healthiest and thickest lawn possible because the best defense against weeds is thick, dense turf.

Grassy weeds in St. Augustine lawns are not susceptible to selective herbicide applications and different methods can be used such as hand or mechanical removal or renovation.

The Problem with Grassy Weeds

Grass-like weeds are particularly difficult to manage because they are closely related to the grasses of your lawn. Materials that effectively manage grassy weeds can also do considerable damage to the grasses you want in your lawn. They are also prolific seed producers, and seeds germinate in warm and wet weather conditions.

Common Grassy Weeds

Managing Grassy Weeds
Carpet Crabgrass – Grassy weed

Managing Grassy Weeds
Alexandergrass – Grassy weed
Managing Grassy Weeds
Common Bermuda – Grassy weed

Treatment Options for a Grassy Weed Problem

Once grassy weeds establish themselves in your St. Augustine grass lawn they can be effectively removed in two ways:

1. Mechanical removal, by hand pulling the weed or digging it out with a spade.

2. Spot treatment of the infested area with a non-selective weed control material. The treated area will turn brown and die out in 10 to 14 days. The dead plants should be raked out and removed and replaced with new sod.

Regardless of which method you choose, the affected area must be sodded or plugged to keep grassy weed seeds from germinating in the bare areas and re-infesting the same spot.

Massey Services Solution

Your Massey GreenUP Specialist will help you decide on the best options for replanting these bare areas and provide a recommendation on the type of grass or other landscape plant options for the area.

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