FAQ’s on Your Free Inspection

Who will be arriving at my home for my free inspection?

A uniformed Massey Services Sales Inspector will arrive at your home in a Massey Services vehicle. Your inspector will also be wearing a badge clearly identifying their name, photo and our company name. All Massey Services’ Team Members have been put through a detailed background check and are licensed professionals. Our inspectors are required to pass 80 hours of comprehensive training through our Massey University Training Program. In addition, all of our Team Members receive ongoing, weekly training year-round.

Will I need to be home for the inspection?

Yes. It is important that you are available so we can introduce ourselves and explain what we will be doing during our inspection, as well as discuss any current concerns you may be having. We understand that no two homes or landscapes are the same so every inspection we complete is different. Ultimately, our goal is to inspect inside, outside, over and under your home and property. As a result, our thorough inspection allows us to identify the conditions, avenues and sources for any termite, pest or landscape issue. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we will want to cover our findings and recommendations, especially those relating to your concerns.

The majority of our inspection is performed outside and we will require access to your entire exterior property to complete this. Additionally, for a pest or termite inspection we will need access to all areas inside the home including the attic and crawl space if applicable. For irrigation inspections we will need access to your irrigation timer as well.

What is included as part of the free inspection?

We will perform a detailed inspection of your property. Please be aware that we will need access to your entire property to complete our inspection and if we are performing a termite or pest inspection, we will also need to inspect your attic or crawlspace. For irrigation inspections we will need access to your irrigation timer. During the inspection, in addition to looking for current problems, we are also looking for conditions, avenues and sources that could lead to problems in the future.

We will document all of our findings on a comprehensive graph of your entire property. This graph is used to prepare a plan to eliminate current problems and to develop a customized program specific to your home or business. Then, every time we provide service, we will note any changes we see and make adjustments to your program.

How long will my inspection take?

Your inspection should take about 45 minutes. This time includes our inspection and a review of our findings.

What information will be provided to me at the end of the inspection?

Your Sales Inspector will review and provide you with a copy of the comprehensive graph, detailing any issues or concerns that were found during your inspection. We will also review and provide you with a copy of our service agreement, which will include a detailed explanation of the services we are recommending along with pricing. This will also include a thorough explanation of our Money-Back Guarantee! Finally, we will provide you with a copy of our Service Folder, which includes additional information about our services.

Why can I not purchase my service over the phone or online?

No two homes or landscapes are exactly alike and neither are their treatment methods. That’s why it’s important to complete a full inspection of your home and property – inside, outside, over and under. This includes a thorough analysis of your entire property so we can identify unseen conditions, avenues and sources of any potential problems and create a proactive plan to eliminate them and prevent them in the future. Our program is focused on prevention rather than controlling problems. This is why it’s important for us to complete a thorough inspection prior to ever providing you with a price for service.

Once our inspection is completed, we’ll review our findings with you and then design a program customized for your home and property.

How much will my service cost?

As part of our program, a Massey Services inspector will come to your home and measure and inspect your property. Once the inspection has been completed, we will review the proposal with you based on our findings. We guarantee we’ll provide you with a better service, at a fair price, to your complete satisfaction.

Can my service be performed the same day?

In emergency situations, yes. However we typically start our service the day following the inspection, based on what’s convenient for you.



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Maitland, FL

Landscape Lighting

“It’s fantastic that our entire yard, both front and back, can be lit up with any colors we choose. When I am looking into our backyard, with all of the lights shining on our bamboo, trees and bushes, it is beautiful, and I truly feel like I am in paradise.“ –Jason M.

Windermere, FL

Landscape Lighting

“Great job done! He serviced thoroughly the landscape lights system I have in my property, he took the time to check all the fixtures and replace the bulbs for cool light ones that looks way better on my home, I couldn’t be happier with his service, he’s responsive, polite and very professional.” -Gerardo O.

Eustis, FL

Landscape Lighting

Excellent outside lighting by this company and excellent follow up!” -Pat M.

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