Drywood Termites – What They Are and How We Treat Them

Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites don’t live in the ground. Instead, they develop their colonies right inside the wood that they eat. They most often get into your home by flying and entering through small cracks in unprotected wood or even nail holes. Once they embed themselves inside wood, they eat the wood from the inside out, grow their colonies, and spread to other areas of the structure.

Massey’s termite experts utilize two effective methods to fight drywoods. One is to provide localized treatment right in the areas of termite activity. This involves using a penetrating dry foam Termidor ® treatment either directly into the wood or into the wall voids around the suspected areas. If drywoods are identified throughout your structure, we provide whole-structure tent fumigation. This assures that 100% of the structure is treated and eliminates all infestations.

The best protection against any type of termite is a yearly inspection by a termite professional. Contact Massey Services for your free,thorough termite inspection today.