Bed Bugs Still Ruling the Headlines

Every day we see more and more headlines on the bed bug epidemic. Below are some recent favorites:

  • News spread last week of a bed bug lawsuit filed against singer Norah Jones for allegedly bringing a bed bug infestation to her Brooklyn neighborhood. Neighbors blame her recent home renovations and the moving in of new furniture.
  • Awoken by bed bugs biting his body, University of South Floridastudent Michael Bennett packed up his stuff and left his apartment keys at the front desk- during the week of finals! Creeped out by the critters, Bennett refused to return to the apartment. So management sent him an “early termination of lease” bill for $3,850.30!
  • Bed bugs top AOL’s list of 2010 Hot Searchesunder the Health category. Other winners included Tiger Woods, the iPad and Betty White.
  • Known in French as “punaises de lit” or “bed drawing pins,” bed bugs grabbed public attention when a French radio news station reported in November that several Parisian hotels had been infested. It said one hotel threw out all of its carpets and furniture after guests complained.
  • New rules for New Yorkers! The sanitation department hopes to curb bedbugs from squatting in the crevices of homes and apartments by requiring residents to fully encase within a sealed plastic bag all mattresses or box springs being discarded for DSNY collection. City residents who fail to follow the new rules properly will receive a $100 fine starting Jan. 3, 2011.
  • Fairview Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska (yes, Alaska!) had to be heat-treated one weekend after bed bugs were found inside the school. The temperature was raised in the classrooms to 135 degrees for five hours and children returned to school the following Monday.
  • Ireland is accusing travelers returning from New York for bringing bed bugs back with them. A pest management company in Ireland stated that the majority of calls are from people who have returned from New York carrying the insects. Traditionally, this is the time of year when many Irish people go to New York to shop. The company also recently treated a taxi driver’s car that had become infested after picking up travelers at Dublin airport.

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