Massey Learning Center

The best way to help fight pests, termites and weeds is to arm yourself with the right information. We’ve put together everything you need to become an educated consumer and a knowledgeable Massey Services customer – from homeowner tips to helpful videos to a bug database that includes all kinds of pests, termites, weeds, insects and disease.

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Bug Database

This is our collection of pests, termites, weeds, insects and diseases that you may find in and around your home.

Informational Videos

We’ve assembled some interesting and informative videos.  From our 2012 Commercials to information about fixing your irrigation system or learning about pest control vs. pest prevention, this section contains how to and informational videos. Browse all Videos.

The Importance of Termite Protection

Why do you need termite protection?  Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your you home.  So you need to protect your home…and Massey can protect your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about pest, termites or your landscape that you’d like to know the answer to? Chances are, we have the answer.  Browse our FAQs or Ask the Massey Expert and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.