State: Texas


Brown Banded Cockroach

(Length: 1/2″- 5/8″) The brown-banded cockroach is easily recognized by alternating light and dark bands across its back. About the same size as the German roach, but not as dependent on moisture, it can be found anywhere in the structure.


Pharaoh Ant

(Length: 1/12″ – 1/16″) These small red to yellowish ants can be found trailing anywhere within a structure. They can nest in wall voids, cabinets, boxes of food and any other accessible crevices and spaces.


Black Carpenter Ant

(Length: 1/4″ – 1/2″) Although the same size as Florida carpenter ants, these ants are completely black instead of two-toned. Unlike the Florida species, the black carpenter ant does more damage to sound, undamaged wood.

Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant

Length: (1/11″ -1/10″). These medium sized ants are uniformly brown and trail in large numbers. They compete aggressively with other ant species for food and nesting sites and can drive most other ant species out of their territory. Their nests have large numbers of individuals and a high percentage of queens.