Seasonal Changes Lead to Increased Pest Activity

Pests are constantly seeking a way inside your home for food and shelter. They’ll enter through tiny cracks and crevices in your home. Keep these unwanted pests outside where they belong by calling Massey Services.

Our preventive pest control focuses on the outside where pests live and breed. Our environmentally responsible Pest Prevention targets the conditions, avenues and sources conducive to pest infestation to prevent them from coming inside. We target and seal entry points pests use to get inside. Best of all, we eliminate the indiscriminate spraying of pesticides inside your home!

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* Offer valid with the purchase of a new, annual service. Annual Pest Prevention service includes an initial service and quarterly treatments. Not valid with any other offer. Discount cannot be applied toward current service. Offer expires 10/31/23.

Customer Reviews

Lawrenceville, GA

Pest Control

“Long-term customer and very satisfied. Our technician is punctual, professional and consistently goes above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service.” -Mark R.

Sugarland, TX

Pest Control

“Our technicians are beyond exceptional! I’m glad to have met and work with them. I’m very pleased with their friendliness, extreme knowledge of their profession, customer service and Massey Services altogether. This is a good company to do business with.” -Brenda M.

Plano, TX

Pest Control

“Our technician is amazing. He’s always professional, courteous and kind. Listens to my needs and takes care of us.” -Mike E.
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