Massey Keeps Pests Out of Your Home

Summer is here…and so are pests!  The hot, humid, rainy summer weather causes pests to seek shelter from the elements.  And your home is a perfect environment.  That’s why you need Massey Services!  Our environmentally responsible Pest Prevention targets the conditions, avenues and sources of pest activity outside your home to prevent them from coming inside. 

Our Pest Prevention Program focuses on areas outside where pests live and breed.  We target and get rid of unseen entry points pests use to get inside.  Best of all, we eliminate indiscriminate spraying of pesticides inside your home.  And, since our program focuses on the outside of your home, we don’t have to come inside!

Our Pest Prevention Program includes:

  • A thorough, initial pest inspection of your home, with special focus on the outside.
  • Elimination of any existing pest problems.
  • Identifying any existing issues and building a customized program for your home.
  • Inspecting and sealing off any new entry points on every visit.
  • Applying targeted Pest Control treatments to the outside of your home.

Ants, flies, gnats, roaches, wasps and even rodents are very active throughout the summer so CALL MASSEY SERVICES today to prevent bugs from coming into your home.


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Customer Reviews

Kissimmee, FL

Pest Control

“GREAT SERVICE. FAST. EFFECTIVE. We’ve had one treatment so far and it’s made a world of a difference already. Our inspector was knowledgeable and thorough. Plus, our technician was friendly and knew what they were doing. I highly recommend Massey.” -T. Sotelo

Dallas, GA

Pest Control

“We’ve been using Massey for years. They always call before they come to our home. Whenever we need a courtesy update, they are quick to send someone to evaluate the home…inside and out! We carried their service from our old home to our new one. Never disappointed!” -L. Smith

Fort Myers, FL

Pest Control

“The Fort Myers team has taken great care of my home with a very thorough and personalized approach.” -J. Casey

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