Keep Pests Out Year-Round with Massey Services

Pests are active year-round and are always seeking food and shelter. As the weather cools, pests may find just what they are looking for inside your home. Unlike traditional pest control, Massey’s Pest Control and Prevention keep ants, roaches and other pests from getting inside your home. Our process eliminates the conditions, avenues and sources on the outside where pests live and breed. Plus, our Pest Control and Prevention is backed by Massey’s no-nonsense, Money-Back Guarantee!

Save $50 on New Pest Control and Prevention Services

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Here’s what you can expect from our award-winning pest program:

  • Inspect: We perform a thorough, initial pest inspection inside and outside your home.
  • Identify: We identify any existing issues as well as the conditions, avenues and sources pests use to get inside.
  • Eliminate: We eliminate any existing pest problems and seal off any new entry points on every visit.
  • Prevent: We provide targeted Pest Prevention treatments to the outside of your home, so we don’t have to control them inside.
  • Environmentally Responsible: We focus on prevention and eliminate the indiscriminate use of pesticides in your home. That’s better for your family and our environment.


*Offer valid with the purchase of any new, annual pest program. Discount will be applied to initial service, and may not exceed value of that service. Not valid with any other offer. Discount cannot be applied toward current service or termite renewals. Offer expires 10/31/19.