Fall is a CRITICAL Time to Treat Your Lawn!

As the weather cools down, the growth of your lawn slows, making it more vulnerable to aggressive fall and winter weeds. Having your lawn professionally treated before the days are shorter and nights are cooler is the best way to prevent winter weeds and lawn diseases, so you can keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round.

Our lawn experts at Massey are applying seasonal treatments – like our custom-blended fertilizer containing pre-emergent weed control – to reduce the development of weeds before the winter. This will allow your lawn to better tolerate the cooler temperatures and encourage the roots to grow.

Save $50 on New Lawn and Landscape Services*

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Our Award-Winning Customized Landscape Service includes:


  • Lawn Inspection: We perform a thorough analysis of your lawn and landscape.
  • pH testing:  To determine the precise chemistry of your soil.
  • Weed, Insect and Disease Control: Environmentally responsible control and prevention of weeds, insects and diseases.
  • Nutrition: Our proprietary blend of seasonal nutrients are applied according to all local ordinances.
  • Aeration: Annual lawn aeration which provides the most important and environmentally beneficial treatment for your lawn.


*Offer valid with the purchase of any new, annual landscape program. Discount will be applied to initial service, and may not exceed value of that service. Not valid with any other offer. Discount cannot be applied toward current service or termite renewals. Offer expires 10/31/19.