Massey Services Strengthens Your Landscape’s Natural Defenses to Withstand Harsh Summer Conditions

This time of year, your lawn takes a beating.  Extreme heat, high humidity and too much – or too little – rain make your lawn susceptible to crabgrass, dollarweed, chinch bugs, sod webworms, brown spots and other lawn diseases.  If the roots of your lawn aren’t strong and healthy, they shrink, and the grass will be too weak to stand up to these tough invaders.

That’s where Massey’s GreenUP comes in. Our experts begin with a thorough inspection of your landscape and then create a customized program tailored to your lawn.  We focus on building your landscape’s health to strengthen its natural defenses so it can withstand whatever Mother Nature sends its way! A thorough inspection will identify the conditions present in your lawn and how we can fix them. 

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Why are Massey Services’ Lawns the Envy of the Neighborhood?

It’s simple.  Our environmentally friendly landscape program begins with a FREE, comprehensive landscape analysis.  Then we develop a customized treatment plan to keep your landscape beautiful all year long, including:

  • Targeted control and prevention of weeds, insects and diseases
  • Custom-blended fertilizer and application of micronutrients (applied according to all county and state blackout ordinances)
  • Annual lawn aeration, which enhances delivery of oxygen, water and nutrients to the roots for stronger resistance to drought and heat – year around
  • pH soil testing to determine the precise chemistry of the soil in your lawn and landscape
  • All services backed by our money-back guarantee of your complete satisfaction

* Valid for the purchase of any new annual landscape program, not to exceed the value of the initial service. May not be combined with any other offer and cannot be applied toward current service charges or termite renewals.  Offer expires 8/2/21.

Customer Reviews

Lake Nona, FL

Landscape Service

“I needed to have a service between my regularly scheduled visits. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and helpful. He got me scheduled for someone to come address the problem and now my lawn looks amazing.”    -R. Andrews

Leesburg, FL

Landscape Service

“A technician was servicing my neighbor’s yard when I approached him to ask about a big brown spot in our newly sodded yard. He took the time to explain what it was and how to fix it. He even went to his truck to grab something that would help the sod take root. At this point, we decided we needed Massey Services to take care of our lawn on a regular basis!” -K. Schweitzer

Eustis, FL

Landscape Service

Recently, we had a backyard wedding rehearsal dinner. Our technician worked diligently to get the yard to look its best. We are grateful for the conscientious service he provides.”

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