Protect Your Home Now…Termite Swarm Season is Here!

You may not see termites in your home because they are hard to detect.  Termites enter your home underground through plumbing, entryways and tiny cracks in your slab.  Once inside the walls a termite infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage without you even knowing it. Repairs due to termite damage can cost as much as $1,500 for an exterior wall, $3,500 for bathroom damage and $1,500 for a window frame!  What’s worse, most homeowners insurance does not cover the cost of repairs due to termite damage.

All homes – whether wood, block, brick or stucco – are susceptible to termite infestation.  It’s not a matter of IF your home will get termites, it’s WHEN. 

Save $100 Off Termite Protection*

Now Through 3/1/21!

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At Massey Services, our comprehensive Termite Protection Program includes…
  • A detailed, thorough inspection of your home – inside, outside, over and under. 
  • Treatment options based on your home’s unique needs. 
  • Annual re-inspection to ensure no new termite activity has occurred. 

Massey Services Termite Protection has a guarantee that includes retreatment and repair of termite damage to the structure and contents of your home.

*Offer valid with the purchase of a new termite annual service. Not valid with any other offer. Discounts cannot be applied toward termite renewal or current service. Offer expires 3/1/21.

Customer Reviews

Charleston, SC

Termite Protection

“My inspector was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and made the experience for my termite insection understandable. I was informed that I could contact him at any time if I have question or need help. He was very helpful, frinedly and supportive. I would recommend him for people who need inspections.” -Frank G.

Kissimmee, FL

Termite Protection

“The technician did an excellent job replacing the bait stations and he was here at the expected time. Thank you!” -M. Koretzka

Gainesville, GA

Termite Protection

“While putting up holiday decotations, my wife and I discovered active termites around one of our windows. They were reasonable with pricing, gave us options and understood our finanical situation. Did I mention they came out the next day and did the entire treatment and extermination? The Gainesville team is an awesome bunch!” -T. Shoulders

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